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Thursday, March 06, 2014

In the true spirit of Spring for my lovely Northern Hemisphere readers, I thought I'd conjure up a little make-up look using roses as the inspiration. As I've said in my previous beauty posts, it's been so much easier for me to experiment with make-up because of the improvement in my skin (I finish Roaccutane in April by the way, so exciting!) and using less of it is always nice too. Much more fresh looking, if you ask me! For this look, it was quite simple. I started off with the usual Nearly Naked foundation by Revlon (which you've heard me rave about constantly!), set it with light powder and applied a light rose-coloured blush to my cheeks. 

Before applying lipstick, I used the Lush bubblegum lip scrub (Izzy gave it to me for my birthday and I love it!) and followed with a moisturising lip balm before applying the Revlon lipbutter in Raspberry Pie. I only used a tiny bit though, so it appears as more of a tint. Then I filled in my brows lightly with the trusty old Australis pencil and as usual, the mascara that really gives my eyelashes the extra boost that they need! And that's all done! I hope you fabulous peeps are enjoying the warm change where you are and the plethora of flora that I'm sure is blooming. As for me, I'm more than ready for Winter. I can't wait to make use of that trench coat from my last post. It's far too beautiful to be hanging up in my closet for months on end. 

Anyway, in the midst of completing assignments, plotting diagrams and using formulas to figure out the ruddy answer to a disjointed triangle - I've managed to keep on top of this blog. Senior year has set off at full speed ahead and as much as I'm loving every minute of being "old" and in "my last year of school EVER", I'm utterly and absolutely exhausted. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without my hobbies, because lately, they've been the only thing keeping me sane. Blogging, reading and drawing have saved my life this week.

I hope you all enjoyed this post... I'm going to spend the night listening to Billie Holiday (can a boy please take me out dancing to her songs please??), drink some tea and have a bubble bath with a Lush bathbomb. I think it's a spacegirl glitter one which I haven't used before, and I'm excited because you never know what to expect with those concoctions! Have a lovely day tomorrow, and the next day. And the day after that. xo


SomeoneLikeYou said...

I don't know why, but whenever I read your posts....they just make me so incredibly...happy.

M + K said...

We love this natural look, it's so fresh and perfect for everyday wear!! We've actually been looking for a new eyebrow pencil, it's always hard for us trying to find one that comes in a shade dark enough for us. We might have to try the Australis one out. We haven't heard much their brow pencils before.


Unknown said...

Naturally beautiful as always!