Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Barkins dress from my friend Sarah-Jane, Rubi shoes, Target coat, Colette earrings 

This outfit choice was completely unintentional, but I managed to dress appropriately for the 'State of Origin' game that's going on tonight. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, State of Origin is kinda a big deal in Australia; it involves Queensland (the maroon players) and New South Wales (the blue players) going head-to-head in a set of three football games. I'm not exactly the most STATE-triotic girl around because I was completely unaware that it was even happening until I went to school and people were a bit excited... I usually only watch the games because there's so many spunky young men in the teams (Billy Slater is a stunning creature). I did my part though! I wore a maroon/berry coloured dress on my blog! 

Anyway, hi! It's been about five days since my last post. Time really seems to fly when I do stuff and go places. I've been very moody and angry with the world lately. School work (note: school WORK... thank goodness for friends or I would be a mess) has stomped me into the gutter. I've been so unmotivated with it over the last few days... I just can't seem to find the energy to do anything academic and it's not good, especially since this is senior year. I have lots of things on my social agenda to look forward to though and I guess I'll use those as motivation. I did want to update you all on what I did at the weekend! My family and I went down to Brisbane on Saturday and stayed the night to shop a little, see some friends and also to take a tour of the St. Lucia UQ campus. It was really lovely to look at the environment that will probably be my home next year. 

I have to do English homework now... I am a little behind on some of it and I can't write a VHA standard essay on a book I haven't finished (thanks a lot to the rats in my English class that snitched on me - they know who they are!). 

I hope you are all having a nice week so far - Friday is so close! xo


Emily said...

I love those earrings! I recently got my ears pierced solely so I can wear gorgeous "dangly" earrings like those. I feel you on the football too, it wasn't until I saw a few bits and pieces on social media today that I realised the origin is... well... TODAY. Go QLD, hoorah hoorah and all that.

The St Lucia campus is lovely too, I briefly attended UQ (QUT before that) before I postponed my University studies. They're both great but St Lucia is so much more pleasing to look at than other campuses!

nanawintour said...

Liking the State of Origin nod hehe. I have no interest in that sport whatsoever but that's where my parents both are tonight. I know at least one of them is decked out in maroon and no I won't be tuning in.

Keep your head up! I'm not very motivated right now either but we got this. I'm guessing it'll be holidays again soon for you before you know it!

S xo

Sampada said...

What a pretty outfit (and coincidence -- rooting for your state and all!)
Good luck with all your schoolwork.