saving winter hair // a VO5 review

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aside from being terribly overdue for a trim, my hair is suffering considerably in this cool weather change. As much as I enjoy winter and all it has to offer (particularly clothing-wise), it turns my already frizzy mop head (?) into an even bigger mess than usual. Today I'm going to be reviewing VO5's latest 'winter essential' in the form of a three-step 'Give Me Moisture' range designed especially for heat damaged and dry hair.

So this 'nourishing hot oil' claims to:
  •  Reduce breakage from brushing and heat styling by up to 60%
  • Protect the vibrancy of colour treated hair with a protective UV filter
  • Seek out and bind to the weak sites of every strand 
  • Remove 75% more chlorine than shampooing alone
For this hair oil to work effectively, you need to use it before shampoo. I've only used it a few times and I can say that it was quite a pleasant experience. Here are a few good things I noticed about it:
  • The consistency was must runnier than I expected, which I actually liked because it didn't leave my hair feeling oily or dirty (like a lot of oil treatments do).
  • It smells lovely! 
  • The ends of my hair were a lot softer and less course than before
  • My hair felt very clean - especially when I followed with the shampoo. 
On the down side:
  • I have no idea whether the 'UV filter' would've worked because I haven't coloured my hair in about four months!

Now for the shampoo! I'm always excited to try out new shampoos; it's always interesting seeing which ones completely dull my hair and which ones leave it completely clean, but still hydrated. 
This shampoo claims to:
  • Contain pearl extract to help restore hair's natural balance
  • Leave hair visibly radiant and manageable
  • Intensely hydrate dry and damaged hair
Here are the pros
  • It smells SO good! Scent is a huge thing for me because obviously I want my hair to smell nice. 
  • The consistency is pretty standard and it has a pearly sheen to it which was very pretty
  • It didn't feel like it stripped my hair down to negative moisture (which is always a good thing!)
  • Very clarifying, but still moisturising
And, the cons: 
  • The next day when my hair had dried it was still pretty frizzy and dry feeling. I know these treatments aren't supposed to be 'miracle overnight workers' but I wanted at least SOME improvement in my horrendous head of hair. My hair felt soft and moisturised but it didn't look any different
Overall, I liked the shampoo. It was a standard, average shampoo. Left my hair super duper clean, moisturised, but it didn't look any different than usual. 

And last but not least, the conditioner! Similar to the shampoo, this conditioner claims to:

  • Be the perfect prep for ultimate style and heat defence
  • Intensely hydrate hair
  • Lock in moisture and strengthen dry hair
Here are the pros: 
  • Smells good enough to eat. 
  • Left my hair so, so incredibly soft and hydrated. I really liked this conditioner
  • Light consistency; not too thick 
And, the cons:
  • My hair was still pretty frizzy when it had dried... but there's only so much a conditioner can do, ya know? Before you realise you've just been born with a thick, untameable mop of hair.

Thanks so much to Monique for sending this to me to review! The products were a delight to try out and my hair will definitely be coping better in this wintry weather. Favourite product out of all of them would definitely have to be the conditioner. 
Hope you guys are having a good weekend! xo


MITCH said...

I use hot oil too for my dry hair :D


Simona said...

Hmmm the smell ♥


they sound nice :)

Ruby Sterland said...

I've never used a hot oil before, or V05 products! It's definitely a brand I'm going to look into now Maria! I know exactly what you mean though, my hair gets really hard to tame as it gets into Winter x