holidays have come to an end...

Friday, July 24, 2015
(Wearing MAC's matte lipstick in "Russian Red", a favourite. My current bedside table ft. a bright and beautiful lamp and some of my favourite Anne novels! Me again with some baby's breath flowers, and my hair during the hiking trip with lotsa pretty flora in it!)

Happy Friday, friends! I go back to university on Monday, so I thought I would squeeze in another post before things get really busy. Looking back over the last three weeks of holidays - I realised there's a whole bunch of special moments that I didn't realise were really that special until I look over pictures/ reflect on the specific day. I think that's something we often do... we're in the moment, enjoying life and we have no idea how significant that memory is going to be in the future.
Despite getting sick these holidays, I'm going to make a list of reasons why they were still wonderful and happy and I'm ready for another semester of uni. 
  • I went on a hiking day trip with my friends to the Glasshouse Mountains in which my hair was adorned with lots of wildflowers found on the pathway up Tibrogargan 
  • I spent a fortnight with my family recharging; eating chicken soup, reading L.M Montgomery books and blogging!
  • My roomies and I became addicted to the Vampire Diaries... (Okay, little bit of character analysis here: I think I like Damon so much because despite how morally bankrupt he is, during the series he continues to make a significant effort to acknowledge his humanity and the fact that he has the potential to be a really good person, like he was before he turned. Oh, he also has killer eyebrows and the cheekiest smile and eyes I've ever seen. *swoon*)
  • I got to see my sisters! I hung out with my oldest sister in the sister a couple of times for hot chocolate and gossip, and tonight I'm seeing my other sister for a much-needed weekend catchup. 
  • Discovered this hilarious version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" by Elvis Presley in which he's laughing the whole time. Just listening to it warms my heart, his laugh is so genuine and happy. 
  • I caught up with my old friends Abbey and Belle too... discussing boys, makeup and reminiscing over high school. So good. 
  • FOOD! Had so much delicious, real, good FOOD! There was actually time in the days to dedicate to solid meals. 
  • Cuddled a newborn. A perfect, precious little baby!
There. That's not even all of it! I'm really grateful for everything life has to offer and the people in it. 
I hope if you're about to start uni, you're looking forward to it and that you enjoy this last semester before 2015 is over! I can't believe how fast this year is going and that I'm halfway through my first year living out of home. It seems like only yesterday I was pouring my fears and anxieties out about the move and the trials of my first few weeks of Brisbane where I felt like a lost lamb. Now, look where I am! Life is really good at fooling you into thinking things won't work out, then it works things out and you're thinking..."Oh, wow. Okay, I can roll with this!". 

Over and out. xo

(Makeup - glorious makeup in the Queens Plaza food court, moments after handing in copious copies of my resume to any store that is hiring. PLEASE GIVE ME A JOB!)

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Ruby Sterland said...

So many lovely photos, and I love your list! Your hair looks so beautiful with the flowers intertwined x