sunbursts and marble halls

Saturday, January 16, 2016

These photos were taken in Anzac Square on Wednesday - a lovely day in which my sister and I sipped sparkling water and ate chocolate covered almonds, while pondering the trials in life and how we have managed to overcome them.
I don't have a lot to say today. But here is a snippet of what I wrote down on a loose piece of paper this afternoon:

"I hope my life is full of magical moments. I hope that one day I will be sitting in the cosy living room of my fifty year old home, next to the person I've shared those fifty years with. We are smiling at each other, his reading glasses are askew on the end of his nose as he balances his fantasy novel on his knee. The same series he's loved ever since we met, I don't particularly like it, I just love the way he tells it to me. Rain is falling softly outside, the drops making delicate, slow tracks down the window pane.
We smile at each other, then gaze at the floating embers that hover above the crackling fire. His hand envelopes mine, and we sit in silence, communicating like we always have, through knowing each other the way only kindred spirits do. Elvis Presley's rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" plays in the background, on the record player we thrifted in New York when were on our honeymoon, so long ago. It stutters as it hits the numerous scratches and dents, but we smile at each other regardless, because it is our song.
Suddenly, a little girl with two ponytails bobbing at the top of her head skips into the room with three little boys trailing behind. They're giggling gleefully as they sit down in front of the fire and play with the toys in the basket above the bookshelf. These are our grandchildren, and the little girl, gazes up at me with her fierce blue eyes and says sheepishly, "Nana, can you tell me your love story again? Can Grandpa do the voices?". Suddenly, all the tiny ears in the room perk up (including little Bobby, the dog), as the children anticipate the retelling of their favourite story."


deeps said...

irresistible look...
lucky indeed is the one who shares that magical moment with you

SARAH said...

im always love seeing how people style midi skirts and ive got to say, this is one of my favourite casual looks! :) you are also a very beautiful and talented writer xx