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Monday, February 29, 2016

I think the closest I ever come to feeling like a "proper lady" is when I'm wearing one of these fascinators... the "birdcage veil", or as my guy friends like to say, "the fly-trapper". The last time I wore one of these was back in 2013, and looking back, I did look a bit like an accessory to a wedding, even though I was only 16 and not even close to doing so (and that hasn't changed, FYI). These fancy little head pieces are timeless and are definitely a fashion trend I don't see fading out anytime soon - particularly during the racing season. I'm a simple girl (most of the time), so if you ever saw me at the races, this is what I would be wearing on my face and head. I always giggled as a little girl when I saw huge bird hats and feathers on the rich women of old Hollywood movies... and Marie Antoinette? How on earth did she not have a constant migraine from the habitats that were perched atop her noggin?
This particular bow-and-veil combination is by Alannah Hill and was a gift from my oldest sister for my birthday last week. Sometimes I wish Australia, or Brisbane at least, was a place where outrageous fashion was more... "normal", like it is in London, or Paris. I could definitely get away with this at a wedding, or in exchange for a mantilla at a Latin mass, but unfortunately I wouldn't be able to go grocery shopping with this fastened to my head unless I wanted gawking onlookers.

Enough fashion talk... let's get onto more important business: a thank you! A thank you to everyone who has read (or reads my blog in general) and has given me such positive feedback! I get overwhelmed by the kindness of my readers every time I share a post like the one previously. I do like to think of myself as "brave" and "honest", but I don't think I really deserve all the praise I've been given. Sharing my experiences (both happy and woeful) is something I love to do and I think being honest on my blog is the only way to do it. At 19, I still have plenty to learn, and I'm still very young, but I love to share everything regardless. This is mostly because I know looking back on it will give me a lot of insight into what shapes me as an adult. I'm just an ordinary girl, really. I like to read and write, and do creative things, which just so happens to include this little blog of mine. It's very nice that people read it though. May, 2016 will actually be my blog's anniversary of six years, and although I've been at it for over half a decade, it still baffles me that people actually take the time to read what I have to say. It's flattering, and if I'm ever helpful to anyone, that's the best part!

I'm currently brewing a tea and listening to The Everly Brothers (note the title of this post)  and getting excited for another installment of Downton Abbey, the final season, so I'll end this here. I hope you've had a good start to the week, and hopefully upcoming posts won't be at such a sporadic frequency. It's also Autumn tomorrow for us Australians! I can finally justify listening to Nat King Cole's "Autumn Leaves" on repeat. Goodbye for now!
P.S: A big HUG OF APPRECIATION to my little sister, who suffered ferocious bull ant attacks on her legs just so she could get "the perfect angle" for photos today. You're a legend, young padawan.


Ruby Sterland said...

Sooo beautiful Maria! Great writing and beautiful photos by your sister, definitely worth the ant bites. You look so elegant and graceful. And wow, you're coming up to 6 years on the blog! Congratulations. Ruby xx


Harlow Darling said...

These photos are magic, this fascinator has a very Edwardian look. Your sister did not get attacked by bull ants in vain!
Yes, you definitely can't get away with much in Brisbane, I just tell people I'm going to a costume party regardless of what day of the week it is. They can deal with it lol. I personally found people in Sydney to be a lot better behaved and less curious, at least far less nosy than the folks in Brisbane :P

Deco Darling

SARAH said...

these photos are absolutely gorgeous, maria!

xo Sarah

Kayla said...

Absolutely stunning x