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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Hello! I haven't been around these parts since March... and a few people have asked me recently, "Are you still blogging, Maria?", and I suddenly remember the thing I used to do almost every day! I'm still an avid instagrammer but this blog has been slightly neglected in recent months so I thought I would pop my head in today and update you all on what's been happening...

- I now own a car! And drive myself everywhere! And am absolutely RELISHING in the independence it has brought me. I think it's the reason my quality of life has increased by about 1000% and it has boosted my confidence as a driver (and as a person) incredibly. I'm very happy. 
- I'm now on a part time contract with work (barista!) so I am financially stable also which is another major difference from last year. I rarely have to worry about money these days and that's a wonderful, wonderful thing. 
- Uni isn't going so great - mainly because I can't decide what I'd like to do in life. I'm a very creative person and art makes me happy, so I'm not sure why I decided to study something so morbid. It's taken me about three years to realise that my uni degree isn't exactly my passion, so I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the remaining six months of this year, but I'll keep you updated!
- My house has expanded too! We have two new roomies who have just moved in and I'm really excited to see how things turn out for us all (and to make two new friendships). 
- There's lot of great bands I've found recently too that I would love to share with you! I made a playlist for this month and it features Client Liaison, Methyl Ethel and Meg Mac - three artists I've had on repeat constantly over the last few weeks. I'm seeing Methyl Ethel live in a few weeks too, which will be wonderful. 

I'm home for the weekend for Mother's Day and decided to pop into my old school to pick up my sisters and also say hello to some favourite teachers. It was such a surreal experience - it's been three years since I graduated and if you told me back then I would be living in Brisbane, paying my own bills, driving my own car and living such a vivacious (but also challenging) life, I wouldn't believe you.. but here I am, and as challenging as it can be at times, I'm still so proud of myself for what I've achieved since finishing school. 


Mrs. Aa said...

nice shots

Mrs. Aa

Unknown said...

Oh good. I notice that not many people actually blog anymore. I used to get dozens of comments and now it is amazing if I even get one!
I love all the photos!!!!! Yey!!
+Victoria/Justice Pirate+

Leah Marriott said...

Your pictures are so pretty!

Leah xx