white picket fence

Friday, September 01, 2017
Nambour QLD 4560, Australia

Somehow we've managed to reach Spring already and somehow I've devoured three strawberry punnets in one day. The way I see it is that I may as well eat as many as I can now while they're still in season and I can get away with it because a) they make my skin glow, b) they whiten your teeth (apparently...) and c) they're kinda amazing taste-wise... but then again, there really isn't a fruit I won't eat. Speaking of skin, a few of you have been asking me about roaccutane and whether I'm still on it etc. The answer is yes, I'm taking about 60mg a week (which is one 20mg capsule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) just to keep any acne at bay. It's amazing looking back on the improvement in my skin since 2013. I'm still very prone to congestion on my forehead and my chin but the dosage my dermatoglist has prescribed for me has been extremely effective in keeping my skin clear which = an extremely happy young lady who relishes in going makeup-free most days! 

Tess and I took these photos last week on a relatively bleak day while I was visiting home. We went on a little adventure trying to find the perfect backdrop for the photos and, of course, I ended up taking a wrong turn and we were halfway up the Blackall Range tourist drive until I realised where we were headed. It was pouring with rain, there was roadworks everywhere and the road was slippery  - a recipe for disaster! So, Tessie decided to listen to the dulcet tones of the Beach Boys and their slower sounds to remedy the situation while I stuck to an average 40km/h speed all the way down the mountain range. In the end, we rounded a corner on the way home to reveal the perfect picket fence framed with red blossoms and the clouds had miraculously parted to reveal lots of pink and orange filtered sunlight. We even got a rainbow! 

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