Monday, March 12, 2018

My friend Lily (and a few other friends from my high school) moved about 10 minutes from my house and we spent the weekend eating food (carbs mainly - I nearly vommed after tonight's gym session so I feel that this choice was justified), laughing about stupid things that would probably make zero sense to anyone else (I don't understand our humour at all but it's thoroughly entertaining), me hogging Alice's bird (I don't know what it's name is so I'll just call it Gandalf for now) AND taking these amazing photos! Ahh. I have missed doing this so much. I love photography and being styled up and having photos taken - it's so much fun and despite the majority of the photos being ridiculous outtakes that included me snorting from laughter, picking food from my teeth and running through a park under torrential rain, they turned out so beautifully. Lily's immensely talented and has a brilliant creative eye so I was really excited when she offered to take some photos for my blog. This is the first set - she used pretty little fairy lights to create the dreamy bokeh effect - I love how softly focussed it all is. And there are more photos to come - we did quite a few outfits and I'm really excited to share them all! 

Quick update on life too: everything's really good! I'm 21 years old now and feel much wiser and different to how I did at 20 (just kidding... still an idiot)!! I'm still getting used to the full-time work week  schedule and balancing it with gym, blogging (haha... yeah it's been over a month since my last post I know), social things, love life (my favourite part tbh - hi Max!!) and staying relatively well-rested. I mean, I think I have it in an okay balance at the moment? I've only cried (like, REALLY cried) twice in the last month I think (and no, we aren't counting tears of laughter in that because that would defeat my point). 
I am happy! Really happy with life, and feeling lucky and very very grateful for what I have and what I've achieved in the last few months :) I hope you're reading this from a good place too, whoever you are! 

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