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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Today my family and I, (minus eldest sister and brother) went out to the beach, on the Esplanade for a Sunday family outing. We had the yummiest morning tea at the Coffee Club, then went shopping. Our last shop stop was the recycled clothing store, and guess what? I found a rare Christian Dior bag. It is seriously gorgeous. The prettiest pattern ever. It looked brand new. I looked inside to see if there was any logo and there was a pink leather tag sewn on inside that said:
RU 0010"
'I'm presuming it's real', the lady at the counter said, 'it's hard to tell, but it looks real and the tag inside is real leather'. I ended up buying this gorgeously, amazing bag for $24! I got it for $24 instead of $1,234. That is why I LOVE second-hand stores. 

P.s: Sorry about the picture of the logo tag, its very blurry. 

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S. Blackfield said...

It's so cute! You should wear it to my party.. xo