imagine that

Friday, February 18, 2011
Okay so you've just got of the plane to Paris, France. As you get of you are met by a personal chaffeur who escorts you in a black limosine to your 10 star hotel in central Paris. You arrive, and lead up to your private penthouse with views over the most romantic city in the world. Hot chocolate criossants are waiting on a doily-lined plate on the glass table along with the latest issue of VOGUE Paris.
If things can't get any better, you find out you have won the daily door prize at the hotel -- a $20,000 shopping voucher to go and shop at Dior, Chanel, Burberry and Lanvin etc. So, you go shopping and have bags full of all the latest ready-to-wear styles.
Before you now it, its time for bed, so dive into your silk bed and fall asleep straight away...
Oh, how I wish I could go to Paris!


Anonymous said...

Loving the belt!!
Hugs - Shellena

Maria said...

The bright red gloves are my favorite!

Eva said...

That sounds dreamy.
I've been to Paris before, I haven't won $20,000 shopping spree, though, but it was still awesome! :D

Cátia Couto said...

I agree with you! She's gorgeous and I like her blog too :P
Have fun in Paris! I love your blog look btw!

xoxo ;*

Maria said...

I'm not going to Paris! I'm just day-dreaming :)
Thankyou for your comments x