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Friday, June 10, 2011
Paris, France
Ah, the weekend is here! Lets add some pizzazz shall we:
1. Go to an op-shop with a friend with a maximum of $20 to spend, pick a theme and create an exciting outfit, jump out of the change rooms and surprise each other!
2. Eat chocolate. Who cares if you are on one of those I-want-to-look-totally-hot-for-summer diets, forget it and devour a block... or two.
3. Go to the beauty therapist and get a full facial and massage. I couldn't actually afford that so I went with the homemade facial experience which is just as good!
4. Write a list of everything you want in your life. This includes; success in your career, a romance, a trip to Paris (London, Rome, America etc), or a clothing item. Pin this up somewhere where you will see it. Keep this list. If you are old and shrivelly, living in a rotten nursing home recounting your life (and peering down at your bunions), read through and check off what you did.
5. Redecorate your room and/or give it a good clean. I LOVE cleaning my room (weird, I know). It gets everything bad off my mind and makes me feel so much better.
6. Have a bubble bath. Cliche I know, but it works
like magic!
7. Snuggle up in your bed, with some (chocolate) and watch Gossip Girl or some romantic comedy and forget how terrible/boring/ordinary your life is right now and focus on the fictional characters'.
8. Write to someone. NOT by email. With a good old, lovely handwritten letter. Find some pretty stationary and pour your heart onto paper.
9. Have a girls night in with a few close friends. Hand write and personalize some cute invites, set out the beds real fancy, hire out a cheesy movie and order the pizza; it's guilt-free girl time!
10. Go down to the nearest ice-cream store and order a 3 scoop-fudge-waffle-cone-chocolate-mint-macadamia-coconut-strawberry-vanilla-sprinkle cone, go back home and sit in front of a fitness show.

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! 

P.s: As a side note, check out this adorable cotton bikinis. I'm usually not a huge fan of Summer, but these gorgeous bikinis are worth a sneak peek! I also received the lovely giveaway prize from Miss Tea's blog today. Photo's up soon, it's just lovely!


Carlinn said...

Loved this post! the bikinis are so cute!

Lauren Noelle Rice said...

Ahh all of those suggestions that involve chocolate I do all the time!! haha maybe not so good especially when looking at those cute bikinis. xo

a said...

I loved this post :) Those bikinis are gorgeous I really like the green one with the bow. I always feel better after cleaning out my room too :) X

Classy said...

love your blog :))

Grace said...

Gosh I love this post!! :D
I especially like n.2 and 5.. I love cleaning my room too!!!

Shellena said...

These swimsuits are soooooo lovely!

Olesya said...

great post. I like it)

Great weekend to you *

Emily said...

i really truly enjoyed this post... thank you for your advice :) i will probably do it all!!! and i REALLY want that checked bikini! great blog. xoxo

Project Curve said...

no.4 is what i is what my bestfriend this:)

Jessique said...

Love the swimsuits!
Love your blog! I am following!

Claudia Paola said...

Your blog is definitely one of the nicest I sub to! Your posts instantly put me in a fuzzy good mood, and fill me with so much inspiration and eye candy. I loved every single one of these suggestions and I'm going to try and follow them! It's summer time, and we need to relax and pamper ourselves a bit! :D xxx

PS I must check out those bikinis- that one in the photo is adorable! I'm so tired of the teensy weensy stringy plain bikinis- boring! Give me flowers and lace :P

Eee said...

Great post. I like # 2 and 7 - anything with chocolate involved! :)

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

GREAT POST! haha :)


Melanie (The Style Notebook) said...

Amazing post!!


This is a great idea for a post! Nice♥


I'd be silly not to follow you! :)

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest blog ever, I'm in love with the background! Those are some really cute bikinis too

The Crystal Dare,

Laura said...

This is a great post! I have to say I have already done a few of these this weekend. I love the green bikini too!

I V Y said...

i'm sure you get told this all the time, but you have the lovliest blog ever! super cute bikinis!


Amanda said...

These are such great ideas! I will try these with my friends this summer :)


Cecilie said...

I think your bikinis are so cute!

Piroscutza said...

pretty bikinis!!

cailen ascher said...

i completely LOVE these suggestions! people take life too seriously sometimes - sometimes we just need to have fun and not give a damn!

adorable blog - i'm your newest follower

Liza said...

Too cute. Love your photos and the feel of your blog. Following you now!

fashion over groceries

allie margaret said...

Thanks for the visit! I am LOVING that bikini! So feminine and cute!