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Monday, November 14, 2011
(Mimco Lost City Flower headband, available here)

I have to admit, when Rosey (my lovely sister) came to visit bearing a few Mimco goodies, I was pretty excited. Not just because I can't usually afford anything that isn't on sale at the store, but because this Alice band is pink, white and encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Lighting for photos was yet again beautifully coloured and summery making it easier to get the perfect shot with my somewhat amateur camera. I was going to do an outfit post yesterday as well, but decided against it as my hair wasn't cooperating. I guess it's because the weather here has been searingly hot and my hair has turned to fuzz!

I'm also going to be presenting my book report on Anne of Green Gables today. I think it will go well and I'll be glad to be able to cross out yet another assignment off my check-list. The trailer for the tv series is below. I couldn't resist posting it, it's such a great story and this adaptation is amazing.

I was also wondering what you readers would think of a blog makeover for Avenue M. Any suggestions? Do you know anyone who does pretty blog designs? Or would you like it to stay the way it is? I would love to know what you think...♥


stereospecs said...

awh, i used to love reading Anne Of Green Gables - i always wished i was as carefree as her ahaha :)

paintandstyle said...

pretty headband!


Hilary said...

love the headband...so feminine! and anne of green gables is my all time favorite! it's on public broadcasting today, in fact.

Kirsten said...

That is one lovely headband!

Elanor said...

thank you so much for the sweet words! your blog is lovely as well! :) i will definitely be following!

Lauren said...

I love Mimco things. Their accessories are quiet pricey, but they are also very adorable. I always have either a Mimco purse or wallet, I'm such a sucker for them!


Holly said...

i always loved Anne of Green Gables! makes me wish i lived during a simpler time. Your blog layout is so sweet! the wallpaper coordinates so well to the colour story throughout most of your posts. i'm happy to follow you.

anyaadores said...

Anne of green gables is one of my favorite series of all time - she is just adorable. Love the headband too.
Hope you have a sunny day,

anyaadores said...

Following you btw :O)

Paula said...

oh, this is uch a pretty headband! super cute. and thanks for your nice comment on my blog :) as for your suggestion for following each other, why not? you have a lovely blog, I'll start following now :)

my thrifty closet said...

I like your sweet delicate style, very pretty and romantic. First thing I love is your blog banner, what a beautiful drawing of you. Lovely headband. I like to change my blog design too, I hope to change it every 6 months. So if I ask me, I say why not, change is good!

Thanks for stopping by with your generous comments, following you.



So pretty...

JenyCandice said...

Your blog is amazing, makes me feel so happy :)

Courtney said...

i think your blog is beautiful as is and you really don't need to change a thing. Although I do know that feeling of just wanting something different. I redesigned my blog not too long ago and the change was fun for me so I say go for it! Your style is adorable and I'm sure it will carry through into a new design also!

Agnes Deer said...

I'm sure if you decide for a makeover you'll do it with the best of taste. However, I have been only following you recently so I'm not really used to the one you have, and love it! :)


Pearl said...

aww your sweet.
Thanks for your comment.
I adore your blog. So cute and girly. Love all the flowers!


hernameistrina said...

you have such a nice blog and style :)

just followed you x
The Beautiful Mind | blogspot

Megan said...

Yay, Anne! :) Following you now :)

Elisabeth said...

What a lovely blog, you've got yourself a new follower from Finland!


Unknown said...

great post :)

My blog
xx Michaela

skippysays said...

I've been looking for a pretty flower headband, and this one definitely fits the bill! I might just have to invest in it :)

Kassi said...

I love the headband - so ethereal. Just beautiful! I am following you now and would love for you to follow back :) Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog :)