wishlist wednesday

Thursday, November 24, 2011
Wishlist Wednesday

1. Periwinkle of an Eye Dress, $46 via Modcloth
2. The Wheat is on Cardigan, $84 via Modcloth
3. Vintage Chandelier Earrings, $17 via Forever New
4. Paparazzi Peach sunglasses, $40 via MARKET HQ
5. Today's News Heel in Neutral, $66 via Modcloth

(On Thursday! I was meant to post this yesterday, but I didn't get around to it)
I hope you all haven't been too overwhelmed with my girlishness! I have been making an effort though; exchanging silver sparkle nail polish instead of hot pink was a huge deal and I'm quite proud of myself. Anyway, I've been very excited lately because Christmas is coming soon. We set up the Christmas tree last night and it looks so magical. The twinkling lights are so comforting and softly-glowing, it's so lovely to see when it reflects into the room as I'm going to sleep...

And also, I had to introduce you all to a new member of the blogosphere, her name is Emma and she is the sweetest girl ever (look forward to a few happy snaps!) . We go to the same school and I'm so happy she started up a blog, I've admired her gorgeous style and writing technique for ages. My favourite post is the DIY tutorial on newspaper nails. It's perfect for my 'list of things to do' for the holidays.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and Happy Thanksgiving to the celebrants (save me some pie!). 


Anonymous said...

Aww Thanks Maria!!

Definately!! If I'm not at school tomorrow, I will definitely be there on Thursday next week. :)


Thanks for the paragraph in your blog btw :)


Kirsten said...

Those shoes! I must have them!

Fictitious Fashion said...

nice post.. all the things u chose are lovely :)

New Post: My first DIY and I'm 50!

You can also follow me on facebook.. I would love to follow you back there too :)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

That lace collar on the cardigan is a really cute idea! I'm wanting sparkly nail varnish at the moment too, hehe!

Kyla Makay said...

Oh goodness- I am IN LOVE with this outfit!!! AHHH!

Chyrel Gomez said...

those pink sunnies

Isabella said...

This is so incredibly you! I do really adore your blog. Pie is great... especially pumpkin!
Wonderful post pizzant. x

K. said...

I love them!;)

Alma ♡ said...

Great pieces! Loving the dress :)

And yes we can follow each other if you want to ;)


Veronica P. said...

love the sunnies!

blue roses said...

the peach sunglasses are so darling!


ftashion said...

I love all your picks! Especially the peach shades. It's so cute!

Fang Ting

Unknown said...

aww lovely outfit! perfect outfit, and so very romantic, as usual with you, maria! sooooo great!! <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

Monique said...

great collection...i adore those earrings

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can see ALL of those things on MY wishlist too! There's a new outfit post up on my blog and I'd really love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to stop by!
xoxo, Veena


Desirae said...

That cardigan is absolutely beautiful!!!!


Emily said...

This look is SO pretty! The soft colors are lovely. I adore that feminine cardigan! And those shoes are PRECIOUS. Those earrings are gorgeous and look so much more expensive than they are! You have amazing taste.