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Sunday, December 16, 2012
These dresses are perfectly party ready. I think my favourite out of the bunch would have to be the red lace one... you all know how much of a girlie girl I am, and anything with a sweetheart neckline, punchy colour and lace detailing is a winner!

There are only nine more days until Jesus' birth! Whoopie! I am super duper excited but also a little bit stressed as I have no idea how I am going to fit in the rest of my Christmas shopping. The move is going exceptionally well so far; there is still plenty more to do but our first night sleeping in the pretty new house will be Wednesday. I am dying to set up the decorations for Christmas though, and that's kinda the only thing I've been focused on! 

Anyway, here we have a mixture of my own wishlist/ holiday gift guide for you all. I'm really not sure what to call it, it's just a few pretty collages of apparel, accessories and makeup inspiration against gorgeous sparkles. I put it together with the help of Carina's amazing Christmas playlist... it made me feel quite Chrismassy! 

Sparkly polished, bold red lipstick and neutral shadows with a hint of glimmer will perfectly complement your fabulously festive outfit!

Ah-mazing accessories: JCrew glitter pumps, Mai Tai Seude Court shoesAperlai heels, Accessorize satchel, Joia vintage earrings, Miu Miu glasses (see my DIY for these here)
The perfect thing to complete your outfit is a great pair of heels or a unique pieces of jewellery  My favourite piece out of all these things would have to be those gold pumps. I mean, how perfect would they be with the navy dress above?! Or any of those frocks for that matter!

The great thing about these sort of skirts is that they can be worn all year 'round. Whether it's blisteringly cold or hideously hot, the versatility is endless. All of these would look beautiful with or without a cute pair of tights. 

Are you all excited about the 25th? What are you hoping for this year?


Live-Style20 said...

pretty ; DDDD

new post :::

Valeria said...

I have to say that I'm in love with pretty much anything on this list ! The navy dress and the sparkling revlon nail varnish are quite lovely :)
I have to say that this guide also gave me a couple of good ideas for some Christmas presents I shamelessy forgot to purchase XD I was in the middle of gift- wrapping gifts when I realized I had left two of my frieds out of my list XD

I have to say I'm pretty excited for Christmas this year - as every year, truthfully :) - I just love the whole atmosphere :)


fashionisam said...

the dresses are so beautiful! ♥

Love from Holland,

Unknown said...

I have to say, I wouldn't mind all these pretty items under my Christmas tree!

Oh Maria I am still so excited about your moving. Best of luck! And I am so glad you enjoyed my mix tape.

xx Carina
P.S Thank you so much for adding my blog to your roll. It means an awful lot and I am so happy you like Windswept wishes! To risk sounding like I am advertising (idk haha) my latest post is kind of a movie review of a film I think you would ABSOLUTELY adore! I kept thinking of you while watching; the fact that you would love it to bits:)

xx Carina

Unknown said...

Bello lo smalto Revlon!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, inspiring! ♥ XOXO

Them Good Old Days said...

everything in this post is absolutely lovely!

Katie Frank said...

oh my, you posted so many amazing stuff *_*

Kim L said...

Love!!! All your picks are so pretty!

All I want is for the world not to end!

accidental encounters

Sophie said...

I love this list!! So many pretty things.

I hope you have a magical Christmas Maria.


Laura said...

I really like the third dress, very pretty!


Chyrel Gomez said...

Would I be so greedy if I want them all as a present for myself? XD

Tamara Moon said...

ahh this is so cool! I love making little collages like this of my favourite items of the season! I actually just made some for my blog, it would be super cool if you could take a look!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Love that red lace dress and those heels!!

Hope i get all of these lovely things under my tree, but have no idea what i'll get :)

happy holidays!

x Audrey

Georgia said...

What a lovely selection, all added to my wish list!! Glad the move is going well, unpacking can take quite a while! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas, you deserve it!
Georgia x

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Wishing you Happy Holidays my dear!
Maybe you'd like to follow each other on BLOGLOVIN?:)

jessica said...

You have such a lovely blog! (I'm new here) And I love love love sparkly nail polish at this time of year. Super cute!


My Modern Vintage said...

love these looks thanks for sharing hope you have a good Christmas come and visit me sometime
Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

Simona said...

Great inspiration Maria!:)