latest discovery: red valentino s/s 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy (almost!) Valentines to my beautiful, romantic and fanciful readers! I've been to busy to think about anything but school work and my sanity lately so I thought it was high time I posted the newest collection from Red Valentino (entirely appropriate considering Valentine's is tomorrow). You may remember my post from around this time last year and my waffling about my love for Valentino. Nothing has changed! This collection is simply wonderful. I love the little pops of denim, daisies and stripes. All such an unlikely combination together but work so well.

Anyway, today I got home from school and skyped Hannah (all the way from Pennsylvania, USA!). It was unreal being able to talk to her and it was so fun too. Then, I finished off some homework and planned out what I'm going to wear to a photoshoot I'm doing on Sunday! My friend Maddy's Mum is a photographer and wanted to do a 'vintage inspired' shoot and asked me! I'm so excited for it I could squeal. I'll definitely be taking my camera along for some behind the scenes pictures too. The set up is going to be absolutely magical.
P.S: I hope you have a great Valentine's Day and if your love life is far-fetched and nonexistent  uh, quiet like mine then I hope it's still great! I'm going to make pink heart cakes and hopefully watch a good ole' romantic film (probably Gone With the Wind or something sappy like that)


misslikey said...

Yes gorgeous.. Adore Valentino red.

Kyla said...

I swear, every Red Valentino Collection is just pure perfection! I want all of these little dresses, they're so darling for Spring!

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

these are gorgeous, and so wearable! Happy Valentines :) xxx

Rosie Savage said...

Such pretty pieces!

Rosie x

The Blue Curtain said...

gorgeous!!! I want it all!!!!! O_O

Yasmin said...

i adore all the pretty patterns and prints, valentino will always be one of my favourites! xx

Adora Mehitabel said...

I adore valentino too, always have!!! His detail is amazing. Recently I visited his exhibition, of couture dresses! So incredible to see in real. Want in these dresses in my life. I have always dreamt that my wedding dress would be valentino. A girl can dream.

Katie Frank said...

what an awesome collection <3

Unknown said...

Such beautiful dresses, just a pity it's a bit over my budget ;)

Hope you had a lovely day, i just watched Valentine's day.

x Audrey

Creme de la Chic said...

This collection looks great! I love how feminine it is (:
So lovely
Great post!!
Have a beautiful day!