Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This is the dress. You know? The one I ranted on an on about late last year in lead up to the dance? I took these pictures at summer's peak (mid January) and completely forgot about them. It was quite lucky to find them on my old memory card because the weather has been completely ridiculous here lately and I've been drowning in homework which means no chance of outfit pictures. I'm really excited though because I turn the big 1 - 6 (OK, fine, it's not that old) in five days! I don't know what it is about being 16, but it's just such an important age of me. :)
Anyway, doesn't it look so summery and lovely in these pictures?! It's completely different right now though; very chilly (I'm even wearing a sweater!) and perfect tea and movie watching weather. I've also been looking at a few online stores recently too in search of wintery things for my wardrobe. I really like the collection of Ugg Australia they have at Number Eight Clothing... especially these gorgeous gloves. They would look so fancy with a trench and some red lipstick! Hope you're all having a great week so far, I'm off to relax after a homework filled afternoon and watch the latest episode of the Carrie Diaries. Bliss. xo


Valeria said...

The dress is simply gorgeous :) It's fairy-like and elegant ! The colour is incredible :)

SARAH said...

this dress is beautiful and is suits you so much! stay warm in the chillier weather!



Lena said...

your headpiece is lovely! I spent the afternoon snuggled up watching carrie diaries too! how good is it!?

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

what a beautiful dress! Happy Birthday! That will make me a whole 10 years older than you, now who feels old?! ;) xxx

Unknown said...

you looks like alice in wonderland, so cute!

Ivy said...

very nice dress and headband. I love your blog! :)


Unknown said...

aaw, you look lovely! :)

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Kyla said...

This dress is so sweet and sugary, I love it!! It's making me want Spring to come so badly, you look like a little Spring Fairy :)

Katie Burry said...

You look so pretty! That dress is gorgeous. <3

The shop I work at actually sold those exact gloves this winter! They're all sold out now as the part of the world that I'm in is heading into spring. I'm so excited! I'm done with winter and cannot wait for summer!

Darlene said...

You look absolutely gorgeous Maria! Can't wait to see sweet 16 pictures :o) I hope you have the most marvelous day ever!!

xoxo Darlene

claire said...

Ooh i love this dress, like seriously it's like the perfect dress! Yay happy early birthday! And I know, something about 16 makes it sound so much older than 15 hmm.. maybe it's the whole driving thing (at least in the US)! If i'm not mistaken you can get your L's soon?! x


wow that dress is so gorgeous!



nanawintour said...

This dress is just perfect! It's the perfect 50's silhouette, love it :).


Jonnessa said...

So adorable post. Love that dress. :)


Mauranne said...

i really love your head piece! I would love to have one!!

fashionate is now following you <3

AVY said...

Pretty girl, love the dress.

How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!



Unknown said...

EEEEEEEPPP! I love this dress on you; you look so pretty and summery and that crown is just a perfect touch!


Katie Aman said...

Every picture of you is just so lovely! This mint color is a dream and wonderful with a crown of rosebuds. Fairy like indeed :) Turning 16 is so very exciting :) I remember I got to have a special makeup party on my sweet 16! I hope yours is simply glorious!

Unknown said...

You look like a true princess Maria, I am head over heels in love with your dress! Do you think you will wear it to your high tea for your birthday? I cannot believe our birthdays are so close! I will be sending you a card asap :)

I have also been keeping an eye out for gorgeous pieces to add to my winter wardrobe. Of course, I am still thinking polka dots, peter pan collars, stylish coats and berets!

xx Carina

Kailey said...

That dress is a stunner on you my sweet! <3