chateau (+ a brand new smile!)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

 Swaychic mint dress (buy here), eBay pearl cat ears, Rubi shoes, Oasap pink bag (buy here)

Notice anything different? I got my braces off, finally! I haven't stopped smiling since and it feels wonderful. I've never felt prettier or more confident in myself and am so pleased that all of those months of wires and metal digging into my gums were worth it. I'm just so flippin' excited!! I thought the day would never come! And it did! I have to wear a retainer all day for two weeks and then only at night after that. It's quite uncomfortable but if it means I'll have a lovely smile for the rest of my life then I don't mind ;)

How have you all been? I've been pretty quiet around here lately... I'm back at school and enjoying it! We've been getting grades back and I'm really proud of how I've done in most of my subjects but others... er, need some improvement.
And, how gorgeous is this dress from Swaychic?! I received it today and think it's absolutely lovely. I can't wait to wear it more during the Spring.
I'm off to revise today's History notes! Talk soon xo


Shop Style Conquer said...

that dress is gorgeous; the shape the pattern the colour, im in love with it all!! and yay for having braces off, i never had them but lots of my freinds did so i know youll be pretty happy to have those pearly whites to show off now!

-Tara x


i said...

your dress is so pretty, it's the perfect mint green!
I remember when I got my braces off, all I did for the first couple of days was run my tongue over my teeth, it was so felt so weird without all the metal bits poking out! xx

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

The colour of the dress is just gorgeous and I love the cat ears headband with the little pearls on it.

Congrats on getting the braces off! I remember how good that feels from when I had mine taken off.

Wardrobe Quarry

christie said...

Congrats on getting your braces off. I remember when I got mine off almost 8 years ago and it was the best feeling ever! Enjoy your gorgeous new smile!

OrigamiGirl said...

I like how in certain lights the little beads on your headband look like lights on a hollywood mirror or sign. If you get what I mean. As though it's all lit up.

And congrats on getting your braces off! I had some when I was younger and hated them. Such a relief to be free of them I know!

Unknown said...

Beautiful! And your smile too! At least you have got wearing braces out of the way when you are still young! Only now am I wishing I got them when I was in school! xx

Sammi said...

Such a pretty dress, and I love those shoes! And yayyy congratulations on getting your braces off! It's the best feeling, right? You look gorgeous!

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

I understand how you feel! It was incredible when I had my braces off! Love your bag, and your smile! :)

Sandrine xx

Yasmin said...

yay for no braces! it must be so exciting, your smile looks lovelier than ever xo

Bright December said...

Congrats on getting your braces off.

emmacharlottesometimes said...

You look lovely. Must beel good to be rid of the braces too! I love the colour of this dress, its perfect for summer!

Unknown said...

Yay you got your braces off, I remember getting mine off it feels soo lovely :) love the bag so cute!

Love Jade xxx

Nancy Wilde said...

the mint dress brocade is to die for! you look gorgeously beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful, glowy even :)

Life of Mabel

SARAH said...

your teeth look great and it must feel so so good to have them off! that dress is gorgeous too!


Anonymous said...

you look great!
and I love the color of the dress <3

Sweet and sugars,

lou said...

What a gorgeous dress! And you have a very pretty smile

Ps: i'm doing a fashion-related survey for my dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥

Unknown said...

You look absolutely stunning. I love your dress and bag.

And congrats for getting your braces off!!!

x Audrey

Anonymous said...

You look so very beautiful- but most importantly, so happy! Your happiness really does shine through in your smile. Keep smiling, girl, you're gorgeous!

Xo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

You look so very beautiful- but most importantly, so happy! Your happiness really does shine through in your smile. Keep smiling, girl, you're gorgeous!

Xo, Hannah

Amy said...

Oh my goodness Maria! So exciting! (You can eat an apple now without having to cut it up! I think that was the most exciting part about getting my braces off!) As always you look beautiful, I love your outfit! Especially your headband! x

Unknown said...

Congrats! Doesn't it feel soooooo great to be done with the metal? You feel like a new woman. :)

Also, that dress and purse are to die for - so cute!


►Naďa said...

Beautiful photos ! Please follow me : :)

Laura said...

I remember how happy I was to get my braces off, it is the best feeling! Make sure you wear the retainer!


Miranda said...

Congrats on getting your braces off! It feels great, doesn't it? Also, I am in love with those cat ears. I can't even express how perfect they are. You look so cute!