tea heritage // a review

Monday, September 30, 2013

There really is nothing better than appreciating the little things in life - such as finding a coin on the ground (bonus lucky side up!), free book stalls or a nice cup of hot tea on a cold, thundery afternoon. Elodie, the owner of Tea Heritage in France, was kind enough to send me five samples of the Easter Tea that she creates by hand. I was really excited about trying it out because not only am I obsessed with all things tea (blame my Nanna), but the packaging and presentation of her handmade products are so beautiful and detailed. It smelt absolutely lovely and relaxing and though I did have to wait a little while for the tea to really infuse and brew it was most certainly worth it. It would be awesome if you could take a peek at her Etsy store, I'm all for supporting independent businesses and this tea was absolutely lovely. 

I hope you've all been well. I'm so sorry posts have been so infrequent and scarce lately - my holidays have been everything but relaxing so I'm hoping to catch up on blogging this week. I love it too much and miss too much cope! And who's keen for the new season of Downton? Me! I'm off to have a marathon now. 

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►Naďa said...

Great post ! Please follow me COLORFUL THOUGHTS :)

Jules Isabella said...

Loved this post Maria! You look so stunning and your pictures are so well set up! xx

Ruby Sterland said...

Lovely post! If only I liked tea... Are you still doing the whole pen-pal thing, I would love to do it, it sounds like fun! Ruby x



these photos are so gorgeous! lovely post!
i used to not drink tea but recently a friend got me started of strawberry tea and i just love it!


♥ Ellen
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Anonymous said...

It must have been so lovely to review tea! Yummy!

Xo, Hannah


Unknown said...

Ah, one of my favorite things: tea! I loved this review Maria. My friend (who recently came back from America, lucky thing) brought me back some Alice in Wonderland Tea and it is AMAZING! (and peach flavored, so it is incredible by default)

xx Carina

Veena said...

Wonderful post, these pictures are so so pretty! Thanks for sharing :)

♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
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Marian said...

Your teacups are so pretty. :)

Unknown said...

I love tea! You probably can call me a tea-o-holic ;) And i love your cups, really cute.

x Audrey

Unknown said...

And you're not the only one who's excited about Downton Abbey. Have you seen it? I just loved it, i'm loving Lady Edith this season. She's changed so much!!

x Audrey

Unknown said...

I like the effort you put in your style
xx, Malena
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Unknown said...

Hi Maria! Beautiful Post <3
I wanted to let you know I changed my blog from thetattertales.blogspot.com, which you previously followed, to my new one (fivefeetsmall.blogspot.com). I hope you will continue to follow me on my new journey of life and fashion <3

- Amy