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Tuesday, October 08, 2013
 Dotti dress, thrifted purse, Rubi shoes (again!), WolfCub headband

This post is going to turn out all cheesy and sappy, I just know it! Today I wanted to talk about things that make people unique and special. This is definitely something that I struggle and have struggled with for as long as I can remember. I guess I've found it hard to separate the difference between being a 'freak' and a 'weirdo' and being 'unique' and 'one-of-a-kind'. Everyone has their interesting habits and today, in an effort to improve on my tendency to classify myself as a 'freak' and 'fish out of water', I'm going to share some things about myself that I am totally not ashamed of! So, here we go:
  • I may or may not have regular dance parties with my little sisters to Miley Cyrus tunes... yeah, I said it. 
  • I've had the biggest crush on Gilbert Blythe for as long as I can remember. He's basically my dream boy. 
  • Tripping over, saying something stupid or embarrassing, laughing at my own jokes (no one seems to find them funny and I'm so confused by that!) are things that happen on an hourly basis. 
  • Retail therapy is a thing and Becky Bloomwood and I are kindred spirits. Nothing cures a broken heart better than a new dress.
  • I make lists. Lists of people to pray for, things I should remember for the future, places I want to visit and well, (you guessed it!), shopping lists. 
  • I probably drink more tea than water (... *adds that to the list of things to fix*)
  • Not ashamed of the fact that I have had one boyfriend in my entire duration on this earth. It was grade one and, well, he kinda blew it. Ugh, six year olds are so 2003.
  • I have an obsession with Johnny Cash, The Seekers, Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers. I'm not even joking - music was about ten times better back in the 20th century. 
  • Now, I know for certain that I'm not alone in this one: The smell of old books is just SO GOOD. There's a copy of Treasure Island in my room that is just the most delicious smelling book I have ever found. When are they going to make a perfume smelling like old books? Because, I need it. Pronto. 
  • I get emotionally attached to fictional characters and if they go through rough times, it takes a toll on me too. Exhibit A: Downton Abbey. Julian Fellowes, if by an chance you read Avenue M in your leisure time, I have a message for you: If you kill off one more character from Downton I will cry and drown you in my tears. 
  • Oh, and there is an Ace Bus in one of my outfit pictures. 
What's weird (in a good way!) about you? Share it in the comments below and we can all bond over our strange qualities that make us, us! :) Hope you're having an excellent Tuesday! 


Mrs. Aa said...

you look so lovely

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Grace said...

When I was around eight or nine I wrote my first 'fanfiction' about Anne and Gilbert sitting by the fire. And Anne of the Island's still my favourite book of the series because that's where she and Gilbert get together!
...I do musicals and Disney shows in my shower. And one of my favourite pasttimes is creating my own magazine spreads out of trends that I've spotted/ become enamoured of, I post them on my blog! :)

Ruby Sterland said...

Embrace the fact that you had a 1st Grade boyfriend, I've never had one! I'm trying to think of a weird habit I have, I'll get back to you! x


Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful!!

Chelsea Emily Davies said...

Wow...this entire blog post basically describes me! Think of the worst, most humiliating thing that could possibly happen in a situation; it will happen to me! Sigh, the Universe does not like me much!xo

Amazing outfit as always!

Unknown said...

Love that post! Sometimes I dance too when I'm alone on saturday nights and I feel like I sing very well haha which is not the case... Really nice to see that we are not the only weirdo on earth!

Sandrine xx

Unknown said...

you look so lovely! I love that dress and that purse is a dream too. Also, I agree with your first two points 100% My housemate and are OBSESSED with Miley Cyrus lately. And Gilbert Blythe - oh my my. *swoon.*


Madison Martine said...

Your style is so perfect! I love your flower crown! :)


rodarterebel said...

This dress is so pretty! and the flower crown. Perfect Summer outfit.

Sometimes (all the time) when I am home alone I sing a lot, usually Broadway Musical songs. I love it!

S xo

Unknown said...

These are such interesting facts Maria! It feels like I am always having a constant HSM musical party with my sister, the amount of times we break into song...haha

Oh my gosh, Downton Abbey is just getting more and more upsetting! I remember when it was so nice and lovely in the beginning...I just hope ONE couple ends up happy, and for now I am really hoping Edith and her man do. She used to be my least favourite characters, but I love how much she has matured!

Also, poor, poor, Anna. I just hope she will become stronger out of that episode, somehow. And like you said, that Carson does finds out. I was crying in that scene too, even more so knowing that those kinds of horrible things happened and STILL happen today :(

xx Carina

Anonymous said...

I love this post- it's so wonderful that you're not ashamed of your quirks! I'll admit to an online shopping addiction and an unhealthy addiction to dark chocolate, too!

Xo, Hannah


paperdoll chronicles said...

This is such a lovely post! Taking time to reflect on positive attributes is such a healthy & empowering action. I praise you on your encouragement for your followers/readers to do the same! Have a charming day petal X

paperdoll chronicles said...

This is such a lovely post! Taking time to reflect on positive attributes is such a healthy & empowering action. I praise you on your encouragement for your followers/readers to do the same! Have a charming day petal X

Anonymous said...

I think it is cute you have a crush on Mr. Blithe. hehe.