Tuesday, October 22, 2013
 Dress c/o Oasap, Target platforms, Forever new belt, Lovisa ring, Sportsgirl hat

I think that if you've been reading Avenue Maria from the start, you'll be aware that I sorta kinda ....maybe... (really) like pink. Oh okay, I'm lying to myself. I love pink! Pink is the equivalent to waffles and maple syrup on a Sunday morning, Ryan Gosling singing in Blue Valentine and the smell of old books. So, as you can imagine, I was delighted to unwrap this beautiful frock from Oasap this afternoon. I feel like an an absolute princess in it and it's simply perfect for Spring. I took advantage of the pretty afternoon light and aside from nearly breaking both of my ankles (note: these shoes are not ideal for the countryside), it was a lovely time. It's lucky my photographer is a good sport. *high fives the little sister*

Aside from the usual excuse for my blogging absences - wallowing in school work, horrendous time management skills etcetera - this time around, I have to admit, I've been so unmotivated! School isn't even that busy! I've had many opportunities to do blog things... catch up on emails, return comments, take pictures and put together posts but I simply haven't found the energy! Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has hit rock bottom when it comes to lack of inspiration (and I don't want to keep digging), so help! How have you dealt with lapses in inspiration? I would love to know because this blog is supposed to keep me relatively sane and I don't want it to turn into a 'once a week' kinda thing. 
I hope you've all had a wonderful start to the week. I'm off to bed... my eyes are starting to close on me... that's a sign that I'm tired right?! Good night! xo


Rosie Savage said...

Wowowowow love that dress!
You wear it beautifully,

Rosie x

viola said...

that dress is so sweet... :)

Kailey said...

That dress is utterly PERFECT on you Maria! <3

Isabelle said...

You look absolutely darling! When it comes to lack of motivation,I have been having the same problem lately. However, reading magazines, reading other blogs, and just shopping has brought some fuel to my lazy self. Although, you do need to take a break some times. Looking forward to your next post whenever it will be. :)

xo, Isabelle

Unknown said...

This dress is beautiful, such a gorgeous colour and you really do wear it so elegantly.

- Bridie
Oh So Bridie

Aino said...

Your dress is so beautiful!
Lovely combination! :)

Path to my Wardrobe

Chelsea Emily Davies said...

You are so pretty and this outfit is simply adorable! I know how you feel about lack of inspiration, the weather has been keeping me from posting regularly. It's raining to hard in Wales to take decent photos!xo

Sampada said...

That pink is spectacular. I love pink too, it's the color I naturally gravitate towards in the store :)

I feel ya about the lack of motivation with blogging...I just did a post today after literally forever and it felt so good.


nanawintour said...

Gorgeous dress and I love that ring! So looking forward to visiting Lovisa in Australia next month-our local one moved.

I wish I had time to blog more at the moment-I miss it! In terms of lack of inspiration I usually turn to places like Pinterest and magazines+books for ideas. Just reading this post now has given me a couple of ideas!

S xo

Jenna Leigh said...

beautiful dress!!!

come check out my latest post,

Unknown said...

You look so lovely and your dress is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful ring!!!

Lauren said...

What a beautiful dress! I love pink too, it's one of those colours that just makes me happy (and it looks gorgeous on you). I know how you feel about lacking inspiration... I've been feeling a bit blah lately myself, but I think sometimes you just need a little break to recharge and get excited again! Looking forward to more posts!
Lauren xx

Unknown said...

Well don't you look like the prettiest little lady!

I have been missing your posts Maria! I understand how frustrating 'inspiration block' can be! Can't say this is the best advice, but usually I read blogs, read magazines (current favourite is Kinfolk), paint, research quirky local cafes to visit and watch French movies to get my creative juices flowing.

xx Carina

cora87rs said...

hi!! your blog is a perfect vintage corner!! could you show us on instagram a pic of your family? do you look alike? :) congrats for your beautiful blog!

Sammi said...

This pink dress is so dreamy on you!! Love!

xox Sammi

Chyrel Gomez said...

Yes! Baby doll dresses and pink is you! :)

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful and lovely in pink! Sounds like you had such a wonderful day!