Sunday, February 01, 2015

 Basque top, Portmans skirt, Payless heels, Bobbi Brown lipstick in "Raisin Berry", Dissh double pearl earrings 

....featuring a brand new 'do!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope your weekend has been relaxing and enjoyable so far - I definitely needed the break after such a hectic week of work and university organisation stress. I hadn't had a hair cut since the start of December so I thought it was well overdue, so I booked it for Saturday and had been looking forward to getting a "fresh cut" all week. I got a lot more hair off this time and I'm so glad I did because not only does it feel healthier and lighter, but the length is so easy to maintain. My hair is very curly if there isn't very much of it, so the curls are really defined and bouncy as opposed to the stringy mess it was prior to the cut!
And how impossibly beautiful is this skirt? It was an absolute steal at Portmans; I got it for $30 instead of $90 and it's so pretty and reminds me of a mermaid tail. I paired it with a simple white cotton top because I think it deserves to shine on its own.
I hope you're all well... xo

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Live-Style20 said...

cool skirt ;-)

awesome. . ;-)

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►Naďa said...

amazing post !
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Unknown said...

So beautiful, I like this style, very amazing, blue and white match so good.

Unknown said...

That skirt is so adorable! I love the color! Also, I'm loving your new haircut - so pretty!