quick life update // moving out of home

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Greetings, internet! A lot of "life" has happened since the last update a few weeks ago and as always, it's nice to sit down and write about it all. I don't even know where to start! On Sunday I moved out of home. The whole arrangement was a little bit rushed and disorganized and I didn't do as much preparation as I initially thought I would do. The whole homesickness thing didn't kick in until that night when I realized that everything was real; I wasn't going to see my Mum every day, I had bills to pay, I was on my own with that kinda stuff. After a few tears, I snapped out of it and mentally prepared myself for university the next day, the start of O week. 

A lot of things went wrong, which was to be expected. I caught the wrong bus, was yelled at by a bus driver, it started raining as I was walking to a bus stop (seriously the cherry on top), I had no idea what was going on half the time, my student ID is seriously the funniest photo ever (I look like a little rat) and it basically reminded me of the first day of year 8. I didn't cry until after 4 o'clock though which is such an amazing achievement on my part because I'm already an emotional person, but if I'm tired too than it's a mess. Good things happened too, though. My first impression of the university was absolutely amazing. UQ looks like Hogwarts and it's so beautiful and picturesque and I feel lucky to be going there. There is also an abundance of really nice people too, I've made so many new friends already that I can tell will be the life-long kind. The boys as well, wow. Just wow - absolutely stunning creatures. At the end of the day, it was my older sister Rosey who got me through and made things bearable. I was absolutely ravaged of all energy and she took me back to her house and let me have a nice soothing shower, light a scented candle and give me a few birthday presents for the next day. It reminded me a lot of how Maria helps Liesl in Sound of Music. 

Anyway, things did progressively improve. I had a lovely 18th birthday and was spoiled rotten by my friends and my roomies (who are lovely to live with) on Tuesday. Today, was market day and I got an awesome henna tattoo! I'm exhausted though and looking forward to heading home for a short visit home tomorrow. 
I think I made the right decision moving to Brisbane, still absolutely terrified about money and study (hoping I have what it takes), but I LOVE IT. I love the university with all of my heart, it's everything I hoped it would be. The social aspect is going wonderfully too, I've just met so many lovely people! Moving out has been a milestone for me, and I think it's only going to get better. I'm really proud of myself but I have a lot of people to thank as well. Basically anyone who has shown some sort of support has been a life saver. Thank you. I'll be back soon xxx


Sarah said...

Your room looks so cute; I love your bedspread!

Unknown said...

"The boys as well, wow. Just wow - absolutely stunning creatures."
Oh Maria I absolutely adore you haha! I remember thinking the exact same thing on my first day of Uni. You're never short of eye candy ;)

I cannot wait to hear about the rest of your Uni adventures. Enjoy!

xx Carina

Selina said...

Your room is so lovely, wishing you all the best with your university adventures!

Unknown said...

Yay!!! Congrats, college gal! They really can be the best years of your life so enjoy it! It goes by so so so fast. You will get into the swing soon! <3


emmacharlottesometimes said...

Your room looks amazing. I love the bed covers.

Emma Xx