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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Temt top, Forever New coat, H&M skirt, Target heels 

Don't you just love it when you're lining up at a store with your favourite items ready for purchase (caught between a flurry of excitement about new clothes, but also morbidly reflecting on the major dent it'll have on your bank account), and the clerk says "Okay, that'll be $15, marked down from $70.". YES AMAZING, thank you! That is exactly what happened the other day at H&M with this gorgeous skirt... and calling my reaction thrilled would be an understatement! It was one of those pleasant surprises that increases your quality of life..  I was drawn to this midi as soon as the silver detail caught the light in the sale rack and I am still wondering why such a beautiful piece was marked down by such a dramatic amount! I love the way it looks with this coat, and think it'll carry me through winter right into summer! 

I'm home this weekend and it's been lovely and quiet so far. The usual; catching up with friends, filling my mother in on all the happenings of Brisbane life, tormenting my little sisters (and vice versa), and cooking the only dish that has a 0% chance of failure, every time I cook it. It's great - if you need a fool-proof recipe for a curry, send me an email. I'm your girl! 
I've got a fair bit to do before uni goes back next week - such as finally get the battery fixed on my Macbook (I spilled water onto it in January this year - a devastating event... many tears were shed), get a whole heap of driving lessons booked to prepare me for my test in August, and get my uni supplies etc.
Work has been pretty steady too this holidays so financially I am feeling way less stressed than before! Looking back on the last month when things were getting a little tight is actually quite a comforting thing because getting through that horrible period of having 'no money' was possible. Horrible, but I got through it. 
Anyway, I hope you're all doing well - hopefully I can get some more posts happening over the next few weeks... I might invest in a tripod and a remote too, albeit, nothing beats a human photographer. A tripod can't tell you that you're smiling weird and your hair is sticking out in funny places and you look like Billy Ray Cyrus. Thanks Tess... x


Alexius said...

that skirt is so beautiful!! gorgeous pictures, by the way.

alexius xx

Amber Paige said...

Lovely pictures! Great coat too, its hard to find the perfect shade of camel :D