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Friday, July 01, 2016

 Tokito blouse, Target jeans, Topshop shoes

I can't even remember whether I made it clear just how excited I am about being on holidays! Yes, it's true. I've got three weeks of pure bliss ahead of me. And since I clicked publish on the last couple of posts, life has significantly improved. The end of financial year has been a benefit in a number of areas of my life; most importantly, it's meant that Centrelink has upped my fortnightly pay by such a sum that a lot of my financial trouble will be relieved for the second half of the year. It's still not a lot that I will be getting, but when you're a student with multiple bills to pay and minimal work hours, every penny helps. Which leads me to my next point... I'm still not sure whether I will actually continue my studies for next semester (hopefully will come to a conclusion by next week). It's tough because I am halfway through my degree and if I keep going, I will be a graduate at 20, which is an immensely enticing thought. However, it all comes down to money, really. Being poor and having that financial strain adds to a degree that I'm not really enjoying; making it unbearable... which I have already emphasized enough! Ha. 

Anyway, onto more positive things - I am home again with my family, which has been a lot of fun. Basically, my time here consists of watching romcoms with my little sisters, eating WAY TOO MANY cookies, making dance movies and doing what sisters do... muck around and squabble with a bounce back rate of about 3 mins after an argument. Living the dream!
I'm feeling vastly more optimistic about life because of plans for the next few weeks; some friends and I are going on a road trip to NSW to go camping and bush walking in single digit weather (which will be very cold and very fun... and great driving experience for me!). I am also going to be my FIRST EVER concert too, so that's exciting. Apparently there's this thing called a moshpit? Not sure what that is but I will let you know how it goes. 
I hope wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, you are happy, and you have a great weekend/ week/ life. Over and out!

P.S: These jeans are called "Girlfriend" jeans, and are a slightly more fitted version of the "Boyfriend" jean that were popular a few years ago. Winter in Queensland is very mild, so this is basically what I wear every day when it's chilly. Sartorial life is quite simple these days when you're not sweating like a piglet in the sun, and there's a lovely fresh breeze blowing almost always. 

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nanawintour said...

Looking stunning lovely. Aren't holidays the best? I have two weeks left of my mid semester break-so good to recharge the batteries every now and again! Don't stress about the Uni thing either-I'll email you off this public forum about that but know you aren't alone. University isn't necessarily for everybody and that isn't a bad thing.

S xx