shopping bliss

Friday, July 08, 2011

I have just arrived home from a rather splendid shopping trip with my fabulous sister. We ventured around the busy plaza, enjoying the atmosphere of all the giddy shoppers ready to make the most of the stocktake sales. After visiting most of the typical chain-stores empty-handed, we headed to Forever New saving the best till last. I must say their new collection of lacey body-suits, flowy dresses and floral lined denim had me speechless. Don’t get me wrong; this is definitely not the first time I have been struck with awe by their beautiful clothing; the Twiggy-inspired collection for example? I have featured my favourite snapshot from the latest collection; Sunset Boulevard.  Your favourite too?
Unfortunately I didn't buy the dress (above) I wanted from Forever New today, but I did score a lovely piece of lingerie from the amazing brand ‘Chloe and Lola’ from Myer instead. Who could turn down a silk pink bra with white lace trimming on sale?
Eventually the blisters on our feet grew more painful, so we retreated to San Churo (the amazing chocolateria) for a heavenly hot chocolate that was so thick it was almost like a food itself. It was also a bonus that the leather couches were vacant, so we could sink into them and sip our treats. My lovely sister also bought me a notebook with Paris on it from quirky stationary shop, Typo. I shall keep this new book in my bedside table drawer in case of midnight thoughts, sudden story ideas or an inspiration wave of dress designs.


Anonymous said...

I don't get to go shopping in 'real' shops very often :( On a side not, did you see the dress Emma Watson was wearing at the last HP premire ... stunning.

Kelly @
Elegantly Academic

Blue Dressed Doll said...

Wow! I love to much the dress!! It´s very nice.

Gianella Peralta said...

I've experienced that too! The time when I just kept on walking and walking until my feet sorely hurt. Oh anyway, good luck with your book of inspiration. I hope you could someday post it and share with us :) Following you now! Hope you could follow back too xoxo

Much love,

Lippylash said...

That dress is beautiful!!! and that choco looks so good!!

Grace said...

Lovely post and beautiful pictures :) I totally understand the feeling after a heavy day of shopping, and I love your last phrase 'I shall keep this new book in my bedside table drawer in case of midnight thoughts, sudden story ideas or an inspiration wave of dress designs' :)

dahhlayne said...

Loving the romantic look of that dress!
Hot chocolate...why does that sound so heavenly when right now it's about 80 degrees. haha Definitely wanna try something as thick as that. :)

Unknown said...

Buen post, bonito blog
Un saludo

Laura said...

I went shopping this week and Forever New really does have some lovely things in store at the moment! If only I had the money to buy them!


Anonymous said...

love your blog,it's so romantic!kisses from Italy

A Fairytale of Photos said...

Sounds like you had a fun time!