happy friday, bloggers!

Friday, July 29, 2011
Happy Friday! I am completely and utterly excited about the weekend. This week has been a complete drag and it's good to enjoy a two days of rest and relaxation. Although, I prefer to remain positive in my posts so I will point out the five highlights of my week; with the first highlight being the planning of a fabulous sleepover with Izzy Rose. Oreos, chai lattes, gossip and old Bring It On movies (that we can laugh at) are the perfect remedy to one of the worst weeks ever. Second highlight being that I'm super excited about the progress of my overnight bag, the floral is too pretty! Also, tomorrow I'm getting a lovely lamp to prop up on my bedside table for some late night reading adventures. Polyvore has officially become a new hobby also, I love how you can bring out the very best of your creativity in an awesome collage. This collage is inspired by the Elle Fanning picture for Lula magazine, the dreamy paged and whimsically worded publication for lovers of art, fashion and everything in between. 
Onto the collage featuring Chanel muse and actress, Clemence Posey. I stumbled across it accidentally while looking up images on Google. I love it, she looks very pretty in both pictures and the clothes inspired by her style are so feminine, especially the ruffled blouse. 

And, ps; if I have seemed rude by not replying to comments, I apologise, the internet is impossible lately and it takes a long time for a web page to load. As soon as it's back on track, (August seventh) I will reply to your lovely words! 
I hope your weekend is something to look forward to! x

elle inspired
Polyvore featuring Elle Fanning and a blue crop jacket. 


Project Curve said...

posey has a great style..a bit parisian sometimes.
have a great friday:)


fashionismyh2o said...

I completely agree with how addicting polyvore is! It's like a little drug ha-ha love your sets so much you've really got the knack of layering them up :)

Have a fabulous sleepover and eat lots of oreos for me ;)


a said...

I love your collages they are always full of gorgeous things I want to buy :) X

cecylia.com said...

beautiful selections!!! I love your style

Come follow my blog hun :)

AGAM said...

Hey..I am sorry for visiting your blog late. Thank you so much for your humble following. I am glad to follow you back :)
Great review!Pls visit my blog again!!

Grace said...

Lovely polyvore! The hat is gorgeous.
Hope you'll have a nice week and sleepover!!

Alexa said...

Mm...oreos + chai tea sounds DELICIOUS!! And I do love Clement Posy's style, although it's too girly for me to pull off. I also adore that photo of Elle with the denim weaved into her hair.. a must try!


Rose Petals in the Rain said...

I adore both the outfits Clemence Posey is wearing. Both the collages are lovely and inspiring :)

Mila said...

Oh beautiful!

Ann said...

Oh sleepovers are so much fun ♥
Love your choice of outfits and accessories ♥

Liza said...

I love your collages on Polyvore!
Ellie Fanning is amazing.


MissKait said...

Polyvore is great and yes very very addicting haha! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back now!



Amy said...

Gorgeous! I am love with your blog! So gorgeous, girly and vintage! I haven't used Polyvore for ages (I had a major addiction there for a while), I will have to pop on over and check out your sets! x