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Monday, November 28, 2011
{Kate Spade 'Charm' heels as worn by her in the series, assorted jewellery also worn by Lemon, Lemon's girly style compared to a vintage dress pattern}  

I've been looking for a style icon for a while now. And yes, Marilyn, Audrey, Barbara and Liz have all crossed my mind but I felt it would be more exciting if I found a lady in this day and age. Lemon Breeland {the name makes me giggle!} was perfect. I know she's only a character from Hart of Dixiebut I simply love her style. Lemon has worn countless outfits on the show and I have loved every one. From tulle ball-gowns, full-skirted dresses in every colour of the rainbow to embellished cardigans and decorated hats, the 'southern belle' charm is all there.                                              

Hart of Dixie's costume designer Meredith Pollack collects clothing and accessories for the characters wardrobe from a variety of places like vintage boutiques, J.Crew and various designers like Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade. I think any girl would be ecstatic with a wardrobe like Lemon's...
I also read through an interview by Bee-Shyuan Chang for The Inside Source about how Meredith compares the wardrobe of Zoe Hart {leather shorts, structured blazers, studded heels} and Lemon's polished ensembles:

The Inside Source: How would you describe Jaime King's character?
Meredith Markworth-Pollack: Jaime is a former fashion model, which made it incredibly easy to make her look gorgeous. She has such a beautiful vintage Grace Kelly look, so it was an obvious choice to incorporate that into her wardrobe. She has a vintage '50s and '60s feel to her wardrobe and we stuck to long hemlines, lots of pastels and lots of high waistbands. Some of the lines we used were Marc Jacobs and Heidi Merrick. And Suno has been really great for her.

The Inside Source: Being that Zoe and Lemon face off in the series, do you think the distinct wardrobes have played a part in that?
Meredith Markworth-Pollack: The wardrobes definitely help build out these two characters. It's more than just the clothes; there's this ideology that's set up. Lemon is this classic timeless Southern woman with Southern standards and a classic state of mind. Zoe is this strong modern woman in leather shorts and Alexander Wang stilettos. Lemon is immediately threatened by this. No one in Bluebell wears black.

Credit: 1 & 2, The CW, Interview except from Bee-Shyuan Chang for The Inside Source


Jana K said...

Oh, I love it! Such a great style icon. Wonderful outfits :) I love those big dresses.

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Chyrel Gomez said...

so classic, haven't really seen this series but my sister does. no wonder.

Agnes Deer said...

Gosh, now I definitely have to check that series! I had hears about it but didn't know the clothes were so gorgeous! Great post!

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I love this.

the creation of beauty is art. said...

Oh my gosh, I am so in love with all of these pictures. They are so over the top, beautiful, and glamorous!

dunia kecil indi said...

OMG, look ate the dresses! i love them so much! :) thanks for sharing. xo.

Katherine said...

Her style is amazing! I didn't even know about her character on this show - I need to watch it..

Michelle Loreto said...

What a fabulous character to draw inspiration from! Her outfits certainly seem full of life and colour.

x Michelle |

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Kailey said...

How odd, I have never heard of her before! Definitely will be looking into this, especially since Lemon is just too cute as a name!

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Tania said...

amazing find!!! I am now watching this series because of you :) love love your blog, I'm also in love with those wonderful outfits lemon wears throughout the series! And rachel bilson stars in it, what a perfect combination!! xx