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Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm planning on framing the top two for my room, they'll look really lovely!

Izzy and I were quite astonished to find out that we hadn't had official photos together since we were thirteen (cue this post) so we set to work planning the pictures; with a sleepover before-hand, of course! The weather here in Australia has been quite, uh, unpredictable so we needed warm woolies and chai lattes on hand at all times.
Despite the weather constantly playing tricks on us, we managed to capture the perfect shots and have numerous giggles in between!
I honestly don't know how I would remain sane without Izzy! She basically gets me through everything...♥
You can look at the rest of the pictures on Izzy's blog, Views of Now. Have a great week and I'll be back with some outfit pictures from the same day soon!

P.S: The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway was Darlene from My Mauve Shoes! Congratulations and enjoy your prize ♥


Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! You're lovely. Follow each other? I'm following ou with bloglovin and gfc. xx

Anonymous said...

I love your blog so much. Those pictures are super cute. I love all the pink shades and flower crowns. I also never knew you had braces. You learn something new everyday...

X Emily

Unknown said...

these pink-full fotos are so romantic and cute!
well done!

xxx Ros.e.

Jana K said...

Aw, you guys look gorgeous in these pictures. So cute! Best friends are such a blessing, aren't they. <3


Victoria said...

You are both so beautiful! I've never had much luck in the best friend department, but I'm so glad that you have :) <3

Darlene said...

Thank you so much for the gift certificate from Shabby Apple! I am so thrilled! I've received it already. I will be sure and do an outfit post of whatever I end up ordering :o)

Your pictures are gorgeous! A maroon mat and white frame would look lovely.

I've been trying to get my bff to start blogging but she's more of a lurker! lol Looks like you guys had a great time.

Nicola said...

I may have asked this already, but I'm not sure if I missed your reply - would it be OK to add you to my blogroll? I am stunned by your wonderful photos. x

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S. Blackfield said...


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Maria said...

You are so welcome Darlene! xx

Kailey said...

You and Izzy are TOO. CUTE. Lots of hugs <3


cute photos! you guys are gorgeous!

P.S check out my giveaway and win some awesome chic 3D Glasses!

DeLynne said...

Rosey, you are a smart, eloquent person who has hit this nail on the head. I would have described 'X' rather more crudely, but 'immature and jealous, or..psychopathological' pretty much covers it.

These two clever, gorgeous girls are having fun, exploring personal expression and showing a remarkable commitment to something a bit more than hobby. I wonder how 'X' spends his/her time?

Marisa Noelle said...

These photos are perfectly whimsical Maria! What a gift to have such a true blue friend like that. Your flower crowns are the icing on the cupcake:) You both look gorgeous! xx Marisa

claire said...

aw you guys are too cute! these pictures are beautiful! xx

S. Blackfield said...

Thanks DeLynne. I agree, they are both lovely people and are bringing beauty to the physical and online world through their blogging activity.

As for 'X': venomous words reflect an ugly heart. Your inappropriate navigation of social situations is a cry for attention. And a cry for help. Sort your shit.

Unknown said...

Awww this makes me miss my BFF! Adorable pictures, I love the floral crowns! :D

daydream frenzy

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Sampada said...

I had no idea that you two were friends from the start! But regardless, these are some sweet shots. So lovely :)


Unknown said...

Maria, I was wondering if you received my message on tumblr? just making sure because I wouldn't want you to think of me as rude if you didn't!

Anyway, these photos still amaze me hehe. You're just so gorgeous!

xx Carina

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

OMG!! pretty!! super :D that flowers , i love it so much :)
visit and follow my blog if you love to :) i'll follow you back dear♥

Anonymous said...

I was just complaining on your bestie's blog that I don't really have any friends around me that are interested in fashion...and then I realised you guys are from Australia, too. & all the pretty (and yet crazy) weather suddenly made sense, haha. Whereabouts in Aus are you from?

Unknown said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Your blog is absolutely adorable and I love these bff shots! Following you back!


Anonymous said...

Both are so beautiful and cute !! Loved the flower tiara !

You are adorable !

xoxo from Japan