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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Busy Blogger // Avenue Maria 

Being a blogger for nearly four years has made writing for the internet and developing an online identity an aspect of my every day life. Somehow, since May of 2010, I have managed to write for Avenue Maria in between the hectic happenings of school, my social life and also my part-time job and having many "stuck in a rut" situations and  being *this* close to giving up on it, I've never quit. Blogging is fun, unique and has enhanced my creativity and helped me blossom into the young woman I am today - who is still figuring things out, mind you. 
Today I thought I would share with you a few aspects of what blogging is like as a part of my world, featuring a wonderful techno toy from Lenovo, and super awesome computer brand that has partnered with my blog and I.  

Stand position // Staying Organised  

Over the last two weeks I've been lucky enough to try out the ThinkPad Yoga Ultrabook from Lenovo. The thing I've loved most about it so far is that it converts into so many different positions to make things a little easier and more convenient than usual. It's not your average laptop... it can fold into three different modes: a tablet, a stand and a 'tent' position. The stand position is shown above and it's perfect for when I'm reading other blogs or writing up sticky note reminders. The screen is still touch and an on-screen keyboard is available as well - while the actual keyboard is locked into place so you don't start typing something you didn't intend to! (This feature is particularly useful for clumsy people... like me!)

When it comes to blogging and staying organised, the only thing that keeps me posting at all is organisation and time management. Life gets incredibly busy, and it's especially so in year 12. Making lists, alarms and setting aside days and times to dedicate to blogging is the best way to stay organised and make sure I'm getting at least one post up each week. 

Tablet Mode // Editing pictures // Wardrobe 

The tablet mode is wonderful for editing pictures. With the special sensor pen, I can draw and write on my pictures and then edit them further on Photoshop. It's so much easier than connecting up a hand writing app and the results are just as personal and unique. 

Editing photos is a major part of my blogging lifestyle as well. I've found that having a good camera helps, but the editing is definitely the most important aspect of a blog's aesthetic. I've been using photoshop ever since I was fifteen by making up my own curves and actions to brighten and enhance my photos. 
Wardrobe wise, it can be hard finding new outfit combinations and new locations, however I think because my clothing has become quite limited over the last few months (after the major summer clean out I did over the Christmas holidays), it's definitely challenged my creative styling and even the switching around of the most simple pieces can make a world of difference. I'm so excited though - there's a big package from Oasap coming soon with lots of new clothes to style for Avenue Maria!! Stay tuned for that! 

Laptop Mode // Keeping Inspired // My Style 

Inspiration is a key element for keeping things fresh, unique and diverse when blogging. I love reading back-issues of Teen Vogue, Frankie and Harper's Bazaar give me ideas on how to reinvent my personal style on days where I'm not feeling as enlightened. Reading other style blogs also helps infinitely as I can take little snippets of inspiration, colour combinations and ideas from people who know how to rock it! 
I don't really consider myself a "trend-follower" or a wearer of mainstream, hipster clothing; it's mainly about what I like to wear and what I feel comfortable in and that is: the classic style. Full skirts, floaty tops, quirky prints and vintage-cut dresses are the things that usually adorn my body when I leave the house. I think that is good too, because I'm starting to find my niche when it comes to my style and what my style is all about. I think blogging has really helped that.

Locations // Finding places to take pictures 

One of the most exciting parts of blogging is the unlimited creativity that comes with taking outfit pictures. Sometimes I take pictures wearing a themed outfit and find a location to match, and other times I wear outfits that are examples of what I had worn recently. Finding locations is always really fun and can compliment the outfit perfectly. I usually shoot outfits after school around six in the afternoon during Summer, and four in the afternoon during Winter. Sometimes my sister and I traipse around the whole neighbourhood and take plenty of pictures at all different locations. 
This picture is of the same outfit, three times, but as you can see, the location makes all the difference in creating a different vibe each time! Let me know in the comment which location was your favourite :)

Tent // Writing // Relaxing 

Aside from juggling it with school work and keeping up with comments, emails and other social networks (which, let's be honest, I never do!), blogging is one of the most rewarding occupations I could possibly have begun. I couldn't think of anything better than jumping into my bed on a Saturday night curled up with a hot chocolate, watching a movie or reading some blogs written by the wonderful friends I've made over the internet, as well as compiling my own content. 
Speaking of watching movies too, the tent position on the ThinkPad is the best way! It's perfect for propping up between pillows or resting on your chest if you want to lie on your back (hopefully that's not just me, haha!). 

I think it's so fantastic having a blog like this. Not only can my readers, my family and friends, as well as myself see how much I have changed through the visual aspects of my blog, but also the textual side of it too. Without records or pictures or anything like that, important memories and pictures and all that jazz can get lost in the flurry of life, but my testimony is published on the World Wide Web for people to see. It's going to take me places that I've never been before and lead me to people I'd never even imagine meeting! If you have a blog, keep going! If you don't have one, start one up! Write about what you love. Write about the things that make you happy. Share your story and you'll be surprised at the amount of people who will be willing to lend an ear to your voice. I never thought my acne post last year would receive so much positive feedback and that I had helped so many people. 

Anyway, I hope this gave you all a nice little glimpse into my blogging life and what it looks like! A big thank you to Lenovo for the amazing new laptop, too. It's perfect for school (completing those wretched research assignments), watching movies and of course, blogging to my hearts content. I'm on holidays now so I can finally respond to emails etc! Have a lovely day everyone ♥ 


nanawintour said...

This is a great post-it's always interesting to see how other people structure their lives around blogging & their insights into it. Pretty pictures too.

I hope you're enjoying the holidays so far!

Sophie xo

Lena said...

ah this post is so lovely! it's so nice to have an insight into your blogging routine; it is way more organised and planned compared to me, your ideas are so great!

Isabelle said...

This post is oh so perfect! You are so creative Maria. You've inspired me to get organized and break out my calendar for post planning, haha. I always neglect organization. <3

P.S. I shall reply to your FB message after school! :)

xo, Isabelle

Unknown said...

such a cute post! love your blog so much, keep up the awesome work! :)
Emma xx

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Great post, I can definitely relate, being a blogger myself for almost 7 years now! It really does become a part of your life.

Have enjoyed having your blog to read.

Wardrobe Quarry

Unknown said...

If you haven't got many clothes in your wardrobe or are struggling to make outfit posts, I'd love to hear you write more about body image and femininity. You're such a clever, mature young woman and in between the beauty roundups, the life chats of yours are really fresh and interesting!