state of grace

Saturday, April 19, 2014
Target dress, Kitten D'Amour hair flower, Oasap bag, Kmart shoes 

Thank goodness for the written word or else I wouldn't have any other way to communicate... my voice is on the verge of defeat and I probably will have lost the ability to speak by tomorrow as I've spent today sounding like a frog, incessantly coughing, talking to elderly people and handing out Easter eggs, and lazing around trying really hard to recover from lack of sleep and this awful illness that took me by surprise on Wednesday. Izzy and I even went thrift shopping on Thursday and it resulted in me having a sneezing attack in the change-room which was incredibly embarrassing. I blame the snap change in the weather! The nights are so much cooler now; hence the wearing of a thick, black dress. 
Tomorrow and the next are my last two days of freedom before I go back to school and in reflection, I've had pretty darn good holidays. The last two weeks have been a flurry of social events with friends and family and relaxing and avoiding anything school related. Tomorrow will be even better too with an Easter lunch with the family, and hopefully they'll be an opportunity for me to squeeze in some English assignment work. But probably not. 
I hope you all have a lovely Easter break (if you celebrate it!). It's always nice to remember how much Jesus sacrificed for us while He was on Earth and sometimes I brush my faith aside, so it's nice having the reminder there. I'll be back soon! xo


SARAH said...

love the simplicity of this outfit which the bright red pop of colour from that gorgeous bag! you look as elegant as always

xo Sarah

The Emerald Dove said...

Lovely outfit! The colours work so well together and your hair looks really pretty! :)

closy said...

Love your outfit! You are so pretty :) I really love your blog! I am an Australian blogger too, it's nice to find other aussies out there.

Cory x

Ruby Sterland said...

I'm back at school in a few days too, hope you're feeling better by then! Lovely outfit, Maria. It's so classic! Love all the little gold details, it pulls everything together really well x

MITCH said...

Lovely outfit and cute bag!
Happy Easter!


Amanda said...

This outfit is really fantastic, I really love the splash of color with that purse. I hope your voice comes back soon!

bibi said...

Such a lovely outfit, hope you get better soon :)
Lots of love,

Unknown said...

I love the classic fit of that dress. Pretty as always!

ensembledeux said...

Love this simple and classic! Beautiful :)