Thursday, April 10, 2014
 Thrifted anorak, Temt skirt and top, Kmart shoes, StyleLately necklace

When it comes to print mixing, I think the best way to achieve a balanced look is the make sure that there's at least one solid colour in the ensemble. This outfit was something I threw together today and I was surprised at how nicely the colours complimented each other! I'm slightly in love with this coat; it's not a colour I would usually turn to but I've been experimenting more with my style lately and I'm so glad I bought it off the $3 rack at the local opshop. It's in amazing condition for a second-hand item, it's comfortable, warm and goes with just about everything in my closet; especially this floral pairing. 

I'm currently enjoying the first set of holidays for Year 12 and it's been absolutely blissful. I think I've caught up on sleep from last year, read enough books to satisfy my deprivation of the written word to get me through the next few months and above all, relaxed. On Tuesday I went down to Brisbane to tour the ABC studios with a couple friends, on Saturday I'm off to see Macbeth (hopefully it will help me with the Shakespeare assessment in Semester 2), on Sunday night I'm celebrating one of my best friend's birthdays and on Monday, my Aunty is getting married. It's going to be a fantastically busy next few days and you'll hear all about it soon! Happy Wednesday!

P.S: The title of this post was a perfect example of me trying to be witty... and failing. Floral skirt + oriental print top = floriental. Also, that's the last time I'll ever attempt fashion and mathematical equations again! Ha-ha.
P.P.S: Today is my sister Gabi's birthday! If you're reading this Gab, I love you and miss you and hope you had a splendid day. xo


Kyla said...

What a pretty outfit! These florals go great together. And I love this jacket, what a great find for $3!

Lena said...

ah maria you look so beautiful and different in some way... your hair? my holidays have sadly been uneventful. I just finished macbeth in english this term and am so glad it's over, good luck! x


Unknown said...

Such a cute outfit, love the clashing prints!
Your hair looks so lovely in these pictures too :)
Love jade xxx

Jenna Leigh said...

beautiful outfit. YOU ALWAYS look so adorable. <3

come on over,

ensembledeux said...

Love this outfit and you're adorable! :)


Ruby Sterland said...

These photos are so pretty and I love your outfit, Maria. Thanks for commenting on my blog again, it's always nice to read what you say xo


Unknown said...

This is so pretty, love your style and blog x


prettydressesinthelaundry said...

These are such beautiful photos! They're different or something, but stunning nonetheless.

Kate xx

SARAH said...

sounds like you have some fantastic events planned! i'm not usually keen on mixed patterns but you've pulled this off so well! i might go and be a little brave and experiment with some of my prints now.

xoxo Sarah

ps. your hair looks gorgeous!