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Friday, May 17, 2013
 Blouse c/o Sheinside, Rubi flats, thrifted bag, Target skirt

It may not look like it in these photos, but it was so cold today! I was shivering my toes off while these pictures were being taken! I was dying to show you guys this blouse though. It's so interesting! It arrived in the mail this morning while I was devouring my avocado on toast and my family were giving the usual "helpful" comments referring to it as "the weirdest shirt" they've ever seen and "looks like a turkey... or an ostrich! a green one!"good luck styling it miss Avenue M".

*Rolls eyes* what do they know about fashion?! I happen to love it! It's such a unique style and something that will be perfect for wearing in the Spring. Anyway, I really must flee, I have such a colossal amount of school work to do that I shouldn't even be blogging... but I'm Maria and that's what I do. If there's one thing I am guaranteed to get a VHA in during high school is procrastination. I am a professional. 
:)P.S: Guess what?! The silly old braces will be off in a matter of weeks, yippee!


Amy said...

The first thing I thought when I saw these pics pop up in my reader was "Oh my goodness, she looks gorgeous!" and then "Oh my goodness, she must be freezing!" And I love that top! (Yay for getting the braces off soon! Its so exciting to be able to eat apples again properly ;) ) x

Marian said...

That's a cute top! I've never seen one like it. My brother is a bit fashion forward, so my family always has comments like that for him too. :)

Unknown said...

That top is so cute and so unique! My siblings make fun of what I wear too, oh the joys of brother and sisters - you think it would change when they hit their 30's, but it doesn't!

Yay for the braces coming off - it is the weirdest but best feeling ever!


Unknown said...

That blouse is so exciting! I love it!


Unknown said...

Really cute blouse I love it :)
Gosh I have so much work too, had five exams this week, you manage to juggle everything so well, I don't know how you do it!
Woo for getting braces off, it was soo exciting when I finally had mine off such an amazing feeling :)
Love Jade xxx

Nancy Wilde said...

Such a pretty outfit! I love those shoes! xx

Lena said...

this top is lovely, reminds me of ireland and shamrocks! my family is definitely the same when I buy interesting clothes, you just have to carry on because we know it all and they clearly know nothing x



Hahaha you family are so funny, those comments are all the kind of things my dad says to my sister and i too!
anyway, i agree with you, the top is completely amazing!


♥ Ellen
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Harlow Darling said...

Such a gorgeous blouse and so unusual! I don't think I've seen anything with 3D detail like this before! And just so you know, I've just spent nearly an hour now looking at their site...instead of doing uni work :P

Dilan Dilir said...

such a wonderful look! :)

Chloë, Wardrobe Quarry said...

What a fun top! Love the denim skirt too!

Wardrobe Quarry

Unknown said...

Love your look, such a beautiful top. I always get the same comments from my dad :)

x Audrey

Unknown said...

beautiful blouse!

Emma xx

Yasmin said...

Love the blouse, you've styled it so well here Maria!
Hooray for no braces, I had mine off a few months back and I can't begin to tell you how good it feels :)

Anonymous said...

So obsessed with your style! You are so adorable and chic!

Xo, Hannah