Friday, May 31, 2013
 Vintage sweater, Asos skirt, Rubi shoes, Oasap bag, sunglasses and bracelets

For some reason this skirt reminds me of Vegas; palm trees, retro cars, fabulous music and cocktails. It's one of my favourite Asos purchases and I love the retro vibe that it gave off while paired with this charming vintage sweater. The embroidery around the collar was what caught my eye the most... it's exquisite and pretty.
Today was a 'hair in a bun' kinda day. The weather was completely unpredictable! You wouldn't believe it but about half an hour before these pictures were taken, rain was pounding on the path outside and I thought the chance of outfit pictures was second to none. But! The sun popped out momentarily just in time and I managed to get some lovely, sunny shots with the fabulous sunglasses that arrived in the mail last week. I haven't taken them off since they came and I regret nothing!
Anyway, I'm glad it's the weekend. Tonight my little sis (also my fabulous photographer) is celebrating her First Holy Communion. She gets to wear a pretty dress, cape, veil and have her hair in curls. It should be very exciting!

On another note, my dermatologist has been very happy with the way things are going with my skin. It was flaring up a little a few weeks ago so he prescribed three months worth of Erythromycin, an anti-infammatory drug to help soothe my skin during the process of Isotretinoin (roaccutane). It has helped a lot and things are beginning to look a lot brighter.
Anyway, I have to go start getting ready for Tessie's big event. I hope you have an excellent weekend! I'll be returning comments, tweets and emails in between school work, hot chocolate and Little Women (my all time favourite movie!) this weekend xo


Unknown said...

You look glamorous and would definitely fit in in Vegas Maria!

I hope your sisters Communion goes well, how exciting! I remember my sister's being a very beautiful affair.

It is so great to here that the medication is doing it's wonders, I am so happy for you :)

P.S You should DEFINITELY watch the Fox and the Child, it is just so magical. Also, I have seen the BBC Tess (Eddie is BEAUTIFUL despite playing who I found to be quite an unlikable character) and read the book. I highly recommend you do study it, it is one of my all time favourite books.

xx Carina

Adora Mehitabel said...

Beautiful beautiful in everyway! Thankyou for your vote! I won! Over the moon :) xxxx

Harlow Darling said...

Ohh that skirt makes me think of Vegas too! I love the cars and cocktail print so much and it goes beautifully with this sweater. Such a great 50s style look. Your sunglasses are absolutely fabulous too, I had the hardest time deciding on a pair to buy this week and almost bought a pair like these ones. Really wish I did now, next time...but for now I've settled on 60s black catseye ones :D

i said...

I love your skirt, you look gorgeous! xx

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this look Maria! You look so great; the vintage vibe is just perfect with those sunglasses!


SARAH said...

wahhh you are absolutely beautiful, Maria! love everything about this look it's perfect!


Anonymous said...

You are beyond lovely, and your blog is just as cute! Love this outfit and can't wait to follow you and all of your adventures! You seem so sweet!

Xo, Hannah

Ruby Sterland said...

Love this! Your skirt reminds me of a collection by Gucci, I think it was S/S 13 :-) Your sunglasses are great too! Your blog is great, I've followed it x

lucia m said...

loving your sunnies!



Sammi said...

Such a gorgeous skirt - I'm obsessed with that print! Very Vegas-y or Hollywood-ish! And I love those sunglasses on you! So pretty as always.

xox Sammi

Sampada said...

I'm happy to hear about your improving skin conditions, Maria!
On another note, you're right about your skirt. It does give off Vegas vibes! Very cute.
Also, weather is a funny thing.


Lena said...

you look so beautiful! your style is just so elegant and classy, but not 'old'? your skin looks amazing too, I went on a similar drug last year too for my acne x

Unknown said...

The sunglasses and pink lips. So feminine and summery!


Nicole Perez ♕ said...

i love your outfit!! especially that vitage-ish type and shoes! so beautiful and great match my dear. x


Mica said...

Such a cute little printed skirt! :) I really like the retro vibe of it too :)

Away From Blue

Anita said...

You look gorgeous! :)

Kayla said...

You look so gorgeous!! That sweater is perfect - I love the whole outfit! xx

Isabelle said...

You look absolutely adorable Maria! I adore your skirt and sunglasses. I am glad your skin is doing better! Have fun at your sister's event! :)

xo, Isabelle

Imogen said...

So beautiful. This is totally my style! The print of your skirt is so amazing,very exciting! I love the pretty top. I've been looking for flats like that for ages with the t bar straps.

Chelsea Emily Davies said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm in love with your blog, it's so pretty!xo

caroline said...

I love skirt print! It reminds me of Palm Springs (a desert town here in Southern California). And that's a really cute charming sweater!