life through the lens #3

Friday, January 31, 2014

The last time I compiled a "Life through the lens" post was in 2012 - a pretty long time. They're similar to my instagram updates (which I haven't done in a while either), except they have a specific theme to them! This set (and I plan on doing a lot more in future) is dedicated to my Summer holidays and how wonderful they were. Despite having a wonderful time on holidays however, it's fantastic to be back at school again and getting into the swing of Year 12 (aka my last year of school, oh my gosh). I should probably get over that sometime soon, I've been drilling it into the heads of my family and friends and I think they've got the picture... 

Anyway, I've been enjoying school a lot over the last few days. We've been singing our hearts out in "glee club", I'm getting ready and preparing ideas for my job as editor of the school magazine, we're getting motivational talks, getting subject outlines and all that jazz. It's all very exciting. 

One of the highlights of my holidays was going to Brisbane to see the tennis with my cousin. I couldn't really believe that I was in the presence of the Roger Federer and it may have affected my concentration on the game just a little bit...okay, maybe a lot. He ended up winning which was even more exciting! I didn't bring along an influx of clothing choices so I went with an old favourite; my summer dress and white tennis shoes. It was very comfortable; perfect for the travelling back to our hotel on the other side of Brisbane too. Did I mention that on the shuttle bus that took us to the train I was standing because it was so crowded?! Usually that wouldn't have been a problem but because the handle rails had all been claimed by strange smelling men and a few other teenagers, I had to just wedge myself between some people and hope that there was no lurching involved in the journey. Just my luck though, the bus driver was quite insane on the roads and I nearly fell on top of an old couple who were sitting down. It wasn't my most glamorous moment but it's definitely a funny memory!

I also managed to get some fantastic shopping in too! I don't think I've ever spent so much money in one go before (and probably won't again for a while because I had buyer's remorse all the way home), but it was fun none-the-less and I picked up some beautiful goodies from Lush, Cotton On, Typo and a few other little stores. 
I also went into Kitten D'Amour, and although I didn't come out with bags full of beautiful dresses, it was still a lot of fun to look at their new collection and conjure up some ideas for what I would like to wear to my formal at the end of the year. And lastly, check out that fantastic view! We stayed at the Meriton, the tallest building in Brisbane and since I had never stayed at a 5 star hotel before I was a little starstruck and took about a million pictures of the view. I'm such a dingbat sometimes... I even got excited about riding in a taxi (that was my first time too...). 

The rest of the holidays after the New Year trip were pretty relaxing. I worked, went shopping and hung out with friends and did all that essential fun stuff. I also stayed with my amazing and awesome Aunty and Uncle and we spent the weekend playing with the five puppies (and Doug the dog wet the bed because I accidentally locked him out of the rest of the house so he couldn't go the bathroom...), eating yummy food, watching movies and exploring the acreage. It was so fun and I'm desperate to go back! 

Oh, and I dyed my hair again! It's a little darker and compliments this Element Eden dress perfectly! I need to wear it more, it's perfect for Summer. I hope you are all having a lovely day! And happy weekend, enjoy it xo

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Rachel, Cold Knees said...

your hair looks gorgeous! How cool you got to go to the tennis.. I've yet to go to Wimbledon and it's not even that far away for me.. I'm more of a Nadal fan though ;) xx