summer favourites // 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014
With my Summer holidays coming to a bitter-sweet close in less than two weeks, I thought I would share a few of the things that have been regularly reached for/ used over the last two months! I also wanted to add a little side note in here too: I've been very busy with work, preparing for my sister's birthday party this weekend and just general life (the classic excuse), but I wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to every single person that read my latest post, commented, emailed or messaged. The positive feedback and response was overwhelming. I just don't know what to say ... I am part of the most supportive and fantastic community so thank you again. Blogging isn't something I do just for my own enjoyment, but to also contribute to the world and share my testimony in hopes to inspire/ make others think and knowing that I have partially achieved that goal is so humbling. 

1. I'd been mulling over whether or not I should hand $30 over the Kikki. K counter for their annual diary for a few weeks now and I finally bit the bullet whilst out shopping with Izzy. We both bought one and sat in the car on the way home admiring the gorgeous interior! It's so cute and pretty and I finally feel like I'll be able to grab my life by both reigns this year... not just one (if you get my drift!) #organisationfreak // 2. Intimately Beckham EDP - a new favourite evening scent that makes me feel like a slightly more grown-up and ladylike version of myself! // 3. Burt's Bees Radiance lip shimmers are the perfect handbag essential for dry lips that need a pop of colour and extra hydration 

// 4. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polish in Gold-485 is probably one of the most beautiful polishes ever. It's so gorgeous! // 5. Buche De Noel cleanser by Lush was part of the limited edition Christmas collection and I'm glad I bought it when I had the chance. It's a fantasic cleanser that leaves my skin glowing and soft. Doesn't smell or look too fabulous though... reminds me a little bit of vomit! ;) But it does the job... haha! // 6. Napoleon Perdis SET primer in "Brightening" is another great drugstore product I've discovered recently. It's very hydrating so I use it on days when the roaccutane has made my skin noticeably dry and sad looking. It's got a pretty funny texture and colour but it works really well and definitely brightens!  

// 7. The only word I have to describe this body wash is: YUM! This was Izzy's Christmas present to me last year and oh my goodness. It's like I bathed in Miss Dior for about a year. The smell is just so incredible. You need to try this stuff out... you'll probably repurchase it again and again until you're 100 years old. 

Aren't the pages of the diary just gorgeous!? There's even cute little animal stickers and patterns and pockets for all of your precious little snippets. I want to look back on this diary in 2015 and be reminded of what a fantastic time I had during my last schooling year. Woohoo!

I hope you all have a beautiful and fantastic day full of flowers, love and happiness. I had a bad day today, but I have the next five days off from work so I can relax, spend time with a few friends and maybe see a movie or two. So far this holidays I've seen Frozen (it melted my heart!) and Saving Mr Banks (which has now made it to the list of 'Maria's Fave Disney Films')... and now I'm planning on seeing The Book Thief and The Hobbit. Goodnight, I'm a tired girl and I need some shut eye. xo

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Emily said...

I love that diary, I was tossing up between that one and the one I did get. Popping your cinema tickets in there is a good idea too, I don't know why I didn't think of it. I have all my cinema tickets from the past 3-4 years in a drawer, it's pretty silly to keep them once the ink fades away but oh well! I can't bear to throw them away haha.

Also, someone I know is organising the Sunshine Coast Fashion Week, so if you haven't already heard about it I thought it may be something you're interested in? The Facebook is here: x