lady lavender // winter & spring staples part 2

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
Millers white top, Asos skirt (it's on sale, boo-yar!), Kmart shoes, thrifted bag, Rubi sunglasses 

Despite Winter being my favourite season weather-wise, I love to dress for the Spring time (I guess it's lucky I live in such a warm climate!), so when this beautiful lavender skirt arrived today from Asos, I couldn't resist concocting a pretty pastel outfit. I paired it with a white top from Millers, which I really love because they've put a funky (did I actually just use that word...?) and interesting twist on the plain white tee by adding texture, and a light blue belt. White t-shirts are one of my favourite Spring staples because they go with absolutely everything. 
How has your week been so far? I have to admit, my holidays have been relatively mundane and I'm suffering from cabin-fever. I've cleaned my room to the point where it cannot get any cleaner, I've done so much house-work I may as well be refer to as 'Maria the Maid' and I'm basically going insane. Today I was in an absolutely atrocious mood so I went for long, intense run in the freezing cold, came home and had a refreshing shower (in which I sung to Iggy Azalea, word for word) and now I'm typing this with a bowl of fruit, nuts and 75% cocoa dark chocolate next to my laptop. Things will be okay. Also, if you're interested in buying any of my clothes, check out the listing here! A few of my dresses are either too big or too short for me now and most of it is $10, and all in great condition. 

P.S: Shout out to my neighbours who are selling horse poop for the low, low price of $1, in case you didn't notice in my photos... 
P.P.S: Shout out to my Aunty and Uncle for providing the chocolate. If you're reading this, THANK YOU. 


Harlow Darling said...

That skirt is gorgeous :3
Heh there's nothing like taking some blog photos and finding out there is something embarrassing in the background - one time when I took photos in China Town I realized that the building behind me had big banners advertising a strip club...classy pictures and all :P

aleksandraladygin said...

Like this skirt! perfect look!

Miranda said...

Ooh, love that skirt and belt!!

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