life through the lens #8

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Making the most of my lovely little familiar space before moving away. I intend to make my room in Brisbane look just as much like a sanctuary as my "home" one does // Signature scents, both from Lancome // Serene summer sunsets // Out for breakfast at Miss Moneypenny's - one of my new favourite places in Noosa.

Hello! So the last few weeks have been a total whirlwind and it's lovely to be sitting down, putting my fingers to the computer keys, listening to Sia's new album and sharing some thoughts.
  • I'm officially moving out of home in just under two weeks! I checked out my accommodation this weekend and it's lovely. A cute little two-storey cottage that has a warm, nest-like feeling to it and the people are friendly and I think it's going to work out wonderfully. 
  • University starts in March and I'm studying Political Science! I'm jubilant about my course as I've only heard great things about it and I'm feeling excited and ready to learn again. Especially because this is something I am genuinely passionate about. 
  • I bought a bike for Brisbane too recently! After weeks of driving the local bike shop owners bonkers with my indecisive-ness, I finally bit the bullet and bought a lovely cruiser that will probably be delivered this week. 
  • I got a piercing!!! I'm not the most rebellious teenager, but over the last few years I have accumulated a number of piercings and now have seven in total, three in a row on my lobes and a helix on my right ear. It hurt quite a lot in comparison to the previous three but I think it looks great and going with my friend Abbey softened the blow quite a bit. 
  • Lately, with all the cleaning out for my big move in two weeks time I've been finding a lot of old blogging props/ things including beautiful flower crowns from my shoots in 2013. It's really made me appreciate my hobby of blogging and how far it's taken me in my life. Although now it's more of a side hobby, I still love it and it's always there if I need to feed my creative flair. 
  • As mentioned above, I also found my MOO business cards! I got them custom made a few months ago and I remember how impressed I was with the quality - if any of you are looking for a good business card site, I would recommend MOO highly. Designing your cards is actually super fun. 
 Two of my favourite cafes on the Sunshine Coast: The Poet's Cafe in Montville is completely divine and is nestled beautifully amongst trees and nature, and the Silva Spoon in Cotton Tree which is a tea-lovers heaven with beautiful food and homewares. 

I'll definitely miss the spontaneous adventuring that I've been doing where I live. 

Do I look like a dorky undergraduate yet?

You know that post I did recently about having a bad day / not feeling yourself (click here)? Well, I just wanna thank you guys, because the support is still coming through my email inbox and it's awesome. Lately, there's been a lot of ups and downs and whenever I'm feeling even a little hopeless or victimized, I've actually been reading that post and taking my own advice for once and it's working. I'm not saying the next few months are going to be easy... because moving away from home is terrifying and a massive leap into the unknown, but I'm equipped and I'm ready, you know? It's time to start living! 
It's time to start the life that I was meant to live after high school. Now that I've finished school, goals and aspirations are so clear and bright. My self esteem and respect as increased because I think for myself and my health and well-being now. I'm trying not to let people/ things hurt me the way I used to. It's a really good, empowering feeling. There's really no time for negativity. It just doesn't fit, it doesn't belong. Of course it's gonna happen, but I think the most incredible thing I've realized is that I can work on reducing it. 

Best of luck with your futures, too. Bottom line: DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. Have an awesome week and I'll keep you posted with what's happening with my big move!! xo

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AVY said...

You look like a very cute undergraduate. Moving is always exciting.