Out with the old and in with the sales

Saturday, January 01, 2011

(Excuse her messy room, hehe)

(Jay Jays playsuit, Rockmans ring, Billabong wallet, Diva necklace)
Enlisting the outfit-creating expertise of my favorite person in their 20's, Rosey has created the most gorgeous ensemble, under $100. Not only is is totally chic and easy, it can be worked into so many other outfits. All I'm saying is, embrace the End of Year/ New Year sales. Last years 'rejects' can easily be worked into something chic and completely 'you'. No-one has to know that you got that cute maxi dress from the throwout rack for $20 down from $80.
You can also invest in buying clothes for next season instead of this season. This can save you heaps of money, you know what that means -- more money for MORE clothes/shoes/handbags!!!


Maria said...

P.S: I think most of these brands are Australian. If you want to find something similiar where you live, try some of the fashion eboutiques I have posted. Some of them do international deliveries.

DeLynne said...

Great styling of a beautiful model.

Maria said...

She is very beautful, thanks DeLynne L)