how to: Have the best shopping trip EVER

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh, the dread, when you think about having to dash to each shop, wandering around aimlessly for something you like. Not to mention the dash of the other shoppers that have the same mission as you! I have the solution, as an experienced shopper and budding fashion designer I have come to know all those useful tips and tricks to make your next shopping trip the best and most successful ever!

1. DON'T DO ANYTHING unless you have written out a plan of what you need/want/desire to buy. You should have this list all neat and easy to read
2. Take advantage of online stores. Write down all your favourites and check out their websites. Under each product that you need to buy, write down the store/s that have it. Also if you want to be precise with number 3, include the prices. If buying clothes you could estimate the sizes to make getting the garment easier.
3. Set a budget. Also, include half the amount in cash. You don't want to be caught in the shop with your dream dress (ON SALE!!) and your card isn't working. It's always good to be prepared!
4. Don't set a time of how long you will take in each store. Unless you have tried on the garment, know the exact size, have the money AND not seen anything else in the store than it can be hard to limit your time in a shop. You never know what might catch you eye.
5. Keep calm and carry on. Don't let that rude shopper behind you try and nugde their way to the front, you want to be there just a much as they do!

Well, just remeber, if nothing works out, and you STILL don't end up buying anything, don't despair, everyone (even Coco Chanel would have off-days, in fact she was probably so sick of not finding any clothes she liked, she made and designed them all herself!).
Good Luck, fellow shopper!

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