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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The new pixie-haired Emma

For Teen Vogue, August 2009
With her career sky-rocketing higher than ever, Emma Watson is ready to move on from the childhood phenomenon Harry Potter has created. Being included in the Best Dressed lists more than once, having a contract with Burberry, being offered dozens of other movie roles not to mention the rumours flying around about her being the highest paid atress in Hollywood... but, to be honest, there's probably nothing this fabulous 20 year-old can't handle.


Lesa said...

Hi! Thanks for following Mrs. BG.

Your blog is great! I didn't know Emma went pixie-- hair that short scares me but it always looks so striking.

Maria said...

Yes, I was exploring Mrs. BG's blog. It's really amazing! The layout and the way each article is written is fab!
Emma Watson's new haircut, it's very different, although I do prefer the longer curly hair. Thanks for becoming a follower!