Gaga or Ga-Ga?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Lady Gaga. If you know who she is (but erm, who doesn't?), what comes to mind when you see/hear/read that name? For me, the words crazy, extravagant and unique come to mind. In interviews that have conducted since her rise to fame in 2008, their is more to Lady Gaga then the crazy costumes and catchy music. According to an interview with Ron Slomowicz, the name 'Lady Gaga' comes from Queen's song 'Radio Ga-Ga'. Alot of her costumes are inspired by 'retro flair' from the 70's and 80's. The above red and gold dress is an Alexander McQueen creation. Lady Gaga dipped the ends of her platinum white hair with light blue and stuck gold feathers onto the middle part of her hair for an 'Indian feel'. I would consider these as some of the 'toned -down' ensembles she has done.

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