Thursday, July 14, 2011

I was completely desperate for a pick-me-up after a horrendous day at school so I ducked into the nearest convenience store in hopes I would find the latest Bazaar. Due to the fact that it wasn't in-stock at the time, I bought the latest issue of SHOP instead. It was wonderful. The theme for August was 'rainbows and colorful clothes'. Not only did they have a gorgeous cover girl (Olivia Palermo) but they also did a spread on beautiful Fleur Wood apparel, romantic lace and sweet tones of peach and cream. The shoot took place in a mysterious, smokey forest that added to the romance of the outfits. So, if you need a light happiness booster, I definitely would recommend it to anyone. Read it with your feet up and some ice tea and you'll feel grand. Anyway, my latest time-wasting device is Polyvore. It's so good if you have nothing to do and you are feeling creative. I've been going crazy with collages lately (ahem, the two posts in a row) I couldn't resist posting them, they were so pretty! The rest of the charming photos from Dreamgirl can be seen here.
Olivia Palermo in an outfit styled to perfection.
Feeling adventurous? My latest impulse buy has to be a pair of lace up high heeled boots. I see them everywhere and I'm usually not one to follow major trends but this phase might actually suit me. As stated in the latest issue of SHOP, they have a certain 'Mary Poppins' charm to them. I want to buy something  like these, and style them based around the picture on the far top right. That lacey top is so romantic and pretty and maxi skirts are perfect with boots.

What do you think of Olivia's outfit in the image to the left? I love it! She worked the peculiar mix of colours perfectly and I adore her layering. She looks so chic and well dressed. I really appreciate it when iconic people make an effort with what they wear in public. Well, I best be off. I have to complete a summary on the Middle Ages for History. After that, I think I'll read the latest issue of Vogue Britain with the blankets pulled up to my chin. (Yes, it's still quite cold in Australia!)

Hope the rest of the week is still filled with magic and glee! x


Isabella said...

Such an amazing post, peasant! I love this photo shoot, I am buying the new SHOP as soon as possible, thanks to these photos. And the lace-up boot trend would look lovely on you, embrace it! X

Unknown said...

So cute, so romantic...love! :)


Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Olivia did look gorgeous - she has winter layering down to a tee!

Anonymous said...

love this romantic colours=)

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Those are beautiful photos in the woods. I love the pastel peachy colors.

YOURFLIRTYLOOK | by Karlijn said...


Grace said...

Beautiful photos!
And I totally love the boots, I was planning to get them for this Winter!! :)

Bad Joan said...

This dress is stunning! Love the color.


dahhlayne said...

Hmm...never heard of SHOP before. Will check that out! And these photos are just divine. I am just loving how lovely your blog is. And omg, Mary Poppins boots...haha. I definitely was looking into those kind of shoes for a while as well. :)


Unknown said...

Wow beautiful post. Love your header :)
Love Lois xxx


Ahka Vintage said...

Lovely post again! And these images fit beautifully with the theme of your blog! I think lace ups would really suit you! Can't say I'm a big fan of them but I really don't know how to style them very well.
Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

Anonymous said...

The nude shades are so beautiful.


Laura said...

I have bought 2 pairs of lace up boots recently and love them, go for it!


Fashion-Bridge said...

Hi dear,

I just could not stop myself on commenting your great post! Oh, Olivia is gorgeous! She is a true style girl and a modern Audrey! I love how she mix high street fashion and designers cloths. And she's indeed a master of layering!
Well, enough of the compliments to miss Palermo!
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