Diary XIII

Monday, April 28, 2014

Snazzy tip from a visually stimulated girl: Make things interesting and sip your drinks from a jar! Not only are you recycling your old pasta sauce bottles, but everything looks so much fancier with crushed ice and a striped straw. Add some lemon or grapefruit for some extra flavour - and plenty of extra health benefits! Perfect for drinking during a hectic homework sesh. Everything looks better in a jar!

We visited Maison de Provence, my favourite French cafe located in Cooroy, at the weekend for a catch-up with two of my favourite relatives in the whole wide world (shout out to you both!!). Every time I visit the cafe, I'm always in awe at how beautiful the table settings are and how beautiful and elaborate the flower arrangements are. I definitely want to visit the local nursey now and plant a pretty botanic in a tea pot now...

After consuming the most delectable vanilla slice in all existence, we paid a visit to the five gorgeous pups that Aunty Michelle and Uncle Andrew own. Now, before meeting Doug, Jose, Frankie, Poppy and Milly, I was not a dog person at all. Terribly afraid of canines and all that slobber. I've been converted! Dog loving has been established! I love them so much, especially Frankie; he's so plump and fluffy. 

And speaking of dogs, today, I hung out at our neighbours house and became friends with Archie, a cattle dog, and from today onward I have decided that as soon as I move out, I'm buying a dog. Anyway, after picking grapefruits and exploring the property further with the dogs, I was shown the prettiest lake. It's perfect for reading and admiring from the base of a tree trunk. Tomorrow I'm hoping to take some outfit pictures near the lake because the lighting is absolutely magical!

Two of my favourite things about Autumn: the sunsets, and my ten year old sister's apple pie. So good.

Today was actually a brilliant Monday for me! School itself was quite mundane but I received really great results back for my English assignments last term and I'm over the moon as I didn't expect it! I hope you all had a good day too, and don't forget to enter the giveaway! xo

P.S: Would you like to see a skin update? Things have been going really well lately with roaccutane and I think I'm due for some progress pictures and a general update. Let me know if you'd like to see it!


Elizabeth said...

Great pictures Maria - that vanilla slice looks to die for. So glad to hear you're going well with your treatment. Im about to voyage into new treatment forays and see if PCOS is causing it through a NAPRO specialist - possibly going to end up on natural hormone therapy (none of those nasties from the Pill for me). Apparently PCOS is the leading cause and needs to be reigned in asap if I have it. Can't wait til Rosey makes a meetup happen. xx love your blog

dunia kecil indi said...

Yummy. And you looks pretty :) xx

Madison Martine said...

Beautiful pictures!

Madison Martine


nice pictures!


pigeon said...

I love your photos <3

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