Sunday, June 23, 2013
Thrifted skirt and top, flower crown made by my friend Tiara, Rubi shoes, bracelets c/o Oasap

Hello everybody!! Oh my goodness, you have no idea how good it is to be back blogging again. I am on holidays for the next couple of weeks and have been loving every minute of it so far. Last week was so stressful and crazy but overall I am so proud of myself for pulling through and doing my best to dedicate even time to all of my subjects. I struggle with time management so I was really pleased with how well l I did this term - especially with History (my favourite subject).
The holidays have been very blissful thus far; I've been basking in the winter sun on outings with my family, making flower crowns, planning sleepovers with friends (expect a post with Lauren again soon!), painting my nails in all sorts of snazzy patterns, and not doing school work. It's marvellous!

Anyway, onto the outfit! I know that as a fashion blogger, usually you would post outfits that you've worn out before etc. but I think sometimes it can be a lot of fun to wear something slightly more impractical just because it creates a certain theme to your photos. I love this outfit so much - although I probably wouldn't wear it anywhere (unless it were a particular occasion), it's such a beautiful, classic combination. I'm so excited about how these photos turned out! They're so dreamy!
I hope you guys had a really wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead! It's so good to be back and I love ya'll so much! Oh, and I made a video just recently featuring the beautiful pressies Hannah sent me. Check it out here.
P.S: If you guys have any post suggestions, please email me or comment below. I'd love to hear them!

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nanawintour said...

Gorgeous post Maria! I love this outfit, it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, in a good way of course :). You could wear this to a tea party or somewhere fancy. Sometimes Britney & I dress fancy to Uni just because we can & it's fun!

S xx

Unknown said...

You look stunnin Maria, I can imagine that you would suit the whimsical country life to a T!

Well done with your exams, doing well just makes the holidays even more of a relief. I cant wait to read more of your posts!

xx Carina

Unknown said...

Beautiful post, you look so pretty! Glad your exams went well, it is the best feeling once they are all done. Love the flower crown as well!
Love Jade xxx

Shanni Sun said...

This is beautiful! And loving the winged eyeliner, Maria hehe :)

dunia kecil indi said...

you look really peaceful. i'm on holiday too for couple weeks. have a nice holiday :)

Unknown said...

Love your pictures and i like that skirt. You're right that it isn't really practical but it's cute :)

Love that flower crown, did you make it your self or did you bought it?

x Audrey

claire said...

Yay for being on holidays! I'm on summer break right now, and it is so nice to be able to forget about school just for a little bit! I love this outfit, your floral crown is amazing!

Sammi said...

So lovely, and you're right - downright dreamy! I often feel the same way when I wear a big floral crown for photos... it's too fanciful to wear anywhere and not feel strange. But you look beautiful! :)

xox Sammi

Mrs. Aa said...

such a lovely look.. lovin' ur skirt <3

warmest regards,
Miss Aa

Anonymous said...

Such pretty photos. I love your flower crown. It is so nice to have time off, isn't it? :)

Life of Mabel

Niina - My Paper Chaos said...

These pictures are really gorgeous, I really like that floral wreath! It's so pretty!

Michelle Elizabeth said...

You look so sweet and pretty! I wished I looked that cute at your age! Following you now!

Unknown said...

You look so pretty, per usual Maria! That skirt is utterly divine - the color is just perfect!


Lindsey Louise Bales said...

you, my dear, look so wonderful in these photographs! you look so dreamy. my favorite photos of you ever.

lindsey louise

Lena said...

you look so beautiful in these photos, I love them! x

Isabelle said...

These photos are absolutely stunning Maria! They are very dreamlike- especially the first one! I am obsessed with your curly hair and flower crown. <3 I hope you have a fabulous, relaxing holiday!

xo, Isabelle

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful in this. What a wonderful fashion blogger indeed!!!