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Wednesday, January 08, 2014
(Wearing Dotti skirt & bag, thrifted heels and top, watch c/o Born Pretty

On Tuesday morning, after a fun-filled sleepover (complete with cheesy girlie rom-coms, popcorn and face masks) with Abbey, we both headed into town hoping to get lucky in the 'post Christmas' opshop central. It was highly successful! I came out with quite a few goodies; including the sweet bow shoes I am wearing in the photos above and the Audrey-esque spotted blouse. It's very light and paired with this skirt, made for a very vintage outfit. The weather has been a little unpredictable lately with temperatures soaring passed the "fry an egg on the street" limit, then plummetting back down again to the mid 20s. My wardrobe is such a mess during the summer! I never know what I might need. One day I'll be wearing the bare minimum - singlet and a pair of shorts - and the next day I will have a light sweater on. Jeez! 

Husk & Honey. My favourite cafe on the Sunshine Coast.

After running out of my favourite perfume - Miss Dior Cherie - I was in a fluster, trying to find a suitable replacement until it could be restored on my perfume tray. Japanese Cherry Blossom from the Body Shop is such a fresh, feminine fragrance (little bit of unintentional alliteration there... haha!) and it's definitely worth looking into if you're after something for every day. Also, I received this mint green watch from Born Pretty, and it's been the perfect Summer essential - adding a pop of colour to many of my outfits. I was a little worried that the quality would be poor because many of the jewellery items I have received for review have been a little disappointing, but this watch is great! It was packaged beautifully - in a gift box - and it's a gorgeous statement piece. The silicone wristband can be a little uncomfortable though, so if you're looking for something to wear all the time, I probably wouldn't recommend it. If you are interested though, feel free to use the coupon code that was provided for you guys for my blog: MARIASC10

Enjoying the frivolity of not wearing school uniforms! 

One of my favourite Lush products thus far! The popcorn and caramel lip scrub is delicious and is the perfect way to prime your lips before adding lipstick. 

This watercolour painting was a gift to me from Ruby, an Australia artist with a flair for creating beautiful and dreamy paintings. This one is hanging in my bedroom and it fits in perfectly with my colour palette. You can check out the rest of her paintings here. (And whoops, I should probably take down that Frankie wall planner soon, November is over!)

Anyway, I will talk to you all soon, lovelies! I have a very special post lined up next, a little scary for me, but I think you'll like it. So stay tuned! xo


Sampada said...

Reading this post made me crave summer SO BADLY. We're experiencing subzero temperatures right now and as nice as it is to get cozy, doing anything else is such a chore.
I love your outfit, though. SO simple, but with such substance :) Very pretty!


Unknown said...

This post is lovely, as I would say in French tu es très jolie (you are really pretty)! You are so lucky to live in Australia, the weather seems to be amazing!

Sandrine x

paperdoll chronicles said...

My goodness Maria that outfit is so 'on point' the structure and cut of the top and the skirt suits you so well! And might I add how envious I am of those killer heels!
Please take care of yourself during this weird weather and remember to stay hydrated!

XO's Paige

Kayla said...

You look gorgeous as always! x

Unknown said...

I am loving this outfit! Those shoes are especially lovely!